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Newly Available Collection: Hugh O’Connor papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Hugh O’Connor (1894-1967) was a civil engineer, veteran, writer, and editor. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, National Association of Manufacturers, tearsheets, newspaper clippings, biographical material and memorabilia.

Ax 620

Guide to the Hugh O’Connor Papers

Newly Available Collection: A.C. Heyman papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

A.C. (Arnold C.) Heyman (1878-1975) was an Oregon farmer and advocate of public power. Collection consists of correspondence, speeches and radio talks, letters to the editor, materials on the Linn County PUD, research materials on public power, and personal material.

Coll 208

Guide to the A.C. Heyman Papers

Newly Available Collection: Arthur Whipple Crawford papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Arthur Whipple Crawford (1885-?) was an economist and newspaper correspondent. The collection includes an autobiography, published material, scrapbooks, papers on the World Peace Conference, miscellaneous writings, manuscripts, records of the American Liberty League, manuscripts on the New Deal, records of the Economists National committee on Monetary Policy, and other miscellaneous items.

Ax 237

Guide to the Arthur Whipple Crawford Papers

Newly Available Collection: Sheba May Hargreaves papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Sheba Hargreaves (1882-1960) was an elementary teacher and author. The collection consists of manuscripts of books and feature articles, correspondence, and pamphlets.

Coll 194

Guide to the Sheba May Hargreaves Papers

Newly Available Collection: Albert Streiff papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Albert Streiff (1894-1968) was a member of the Socialist Party who ran for Oregon governor in 1930. Collection contains manuscripts of radio talks, correspondence, certificates of nomination to the Socialist Party, a scrapbook, Socialist Party Convention journals, Socialist Party National Committee motions, socialist pamphlets, Labor and Socialist Service Press, National Executive Committee memoranda and Executive Secretary letters.

Ax 563

Guide to the Albert Streiff Papers

Newly Available Collection: Hubert Henry Farnham papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Hubert Henry Farnham (1868-1953) was a minister of Evangelical Church in Portland, Oregon. The collection include diaries, correspondence (personal and professional), sermon outlines, and letters from his son Vernon.

Ax 028

Guide to the Hubert Henry Farnham Papers

Newly Available Collection: Duncan Aikman papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Duncan Aikman (1889-1955) was a journalist and author. Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, tear sheets, newspaper tear sheets, poetry, a Guggenheim Foundation proposal, miscellaneous notes, biographical information, photographs, and magazines with articles by Aikman.

Ax 629

Guide to the Duncan Aikman Papers

Newly Available Collection: Grace E. Hall papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Grace E. Hall (?-1939) was a journalist, author, and poet. Collection consists of manuscripts of her books, articles, speeches, vignettes, poetry, clippings, and miscellaneous items.

Ax 792

Guide to the Grace E. Hall Papers

Newly Available Collections: Victor Hurley papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Gerald Victor Hurley (1898-1978) was a businessman, historian, and writer. Collection includes book length manuscripts, articles and short stories, miscellaneous items, memorabilia, and correspondence.

Ax 343

Guide to the G. Victor Hurley Papers

Newly Available Collection: William Terry papers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

J. William Terry (1895-1956) was a journalist, editor, columnist, and author. Collection contains editorial correspondence, manuscripts of books, short stories, articles, clippings, biographical material, notebooks, pamphlets, and memorabilia.

Ax 830

Guide to the J. William Terry Papers