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A Musket Simulation: Illustrating Issues with Gunpowder Weapons for History 240

Monday, September 20th, 2010

In his course “War in the Modern World I,” instructor Alex Dracobly teaches about the strengths and weaknesses of weapons from the 15th Century to 1945. Wishing to demonstrate the many factors influencing the accuracy of early gunpowder weapons, Dr. Dracobly approached CMET:IM about developing a simple musket simulation. In this simulation, students can experience issues of accuracy, timing and weather which determine whether a musketeer will kill or be killed during battle. Check out a demo version of the musket simulation in the CMET:Interactive Media project portfolio.

CMET: Interactive Media Develops Animated Tutorial for Russian 240

Monday, September 20th, 2010

At the end of spring term 2010, CMET: Interactive Media completed the first of a series of animated tutorials to help teach aspects of Russian culture and history for UO Russian 240. Working closely with Julia A Nemirovskaya, instructor for Russian and Eastern European Studies and Heghine Hakobyan, UO Slavic Librarian, CMET:IM has created a Flash-based tutorial focusing on the relationship between Russia’s geographic location, history and cultural identity. The tutorial includes animated sequences,  interactive maps and instructional activities which support course learning objectives. Check out a demo version of the tutorial and learn a bit about Russian culture.