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Smart Classroom Alerts for emergency notification

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Crestron presentation controls in 75 UO classrooms are now integrated into the UO’s emergency notification program. In an emergency situation, the Department of Public Safety will activate the Smart Classroom Alert System at the same time as UO Alert! text notifications. The system then sends a message to the Crestron panel stating that an emergency is declared, with instructions to check phones or the campus web page for further information. The emergency message can be targeted to specific buildings or zones, or sent campuswide.

Developed by Chris Lundberg (CMET Classroom Technologies) and implemented with the UO’s Department of Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management, the system provides a simultaneous early warning for a potentially large number of students and faculty, including occupants of campus classrooms that lack good cellular reception for text alerts.

See http://em.uoregon.edu//info/notification/ for more details about the Smart Classroom Alert system and emergency notification in general. While you’re there, take a moment to register your mobile phone for text alerts.