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CMET:Interactive Media Collaborates to Create Media Rich Website Documenting Research of Archaeological Monuments in the Altai Region of Mongolia

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

CMET:Interactive Media is currently collaborating with Dr. Esther Jacobson-Tepfer, UO Department of Art History, and the UO Infographics Lab on an NEH funded website to document ancient archaeological monuments in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. This website supports Dr Jacobson-Tepfer’s understanding that “archaeological monuments reflect the movement of ancient hunters and herders through time and space; and that the orientation of monuments and their placement within the landscape were deliberate and meaninful.” The website features an inventory of monument classes, an interactive photographic archive, an interactive map and background on the geography and landscape of the Altai Region. The website will be accompanied by a print atlas documenting the project and region, published by ESRI Press. The site is expected to launch in Spring 2009.

CMET Video Production Records Radio & TV Interviews for NPR, CBC, OPB, Good Morning America & the Fox Business Channel

Friday, November 7th, 2008

During the month of October, CMET’s Video Production recorded several radio and TV interviews with UO faculty as well as an interview with Rep. Peter Defazio for the Fox Business Channel. Video Production regularly records remote interviews for both radio and television which are broadcast by news organizations around the world.

Video Production recorded the following two radio interviews for NPR’s “All Things Considered”:

  • After Hand Transplant, Patient’s Brain Adapts” spoke with UO Associate Professor Psychology, Scott Frey, who is using magnetic resonance scanning to study the brain of David Savage who received a hand transplant in 2006.
  • Chocolate Milkshakes on the Brain” interviewed Eric Stice from the Oregon Research Institute and Cara Bohon, clinical psychology doctoral student in the UO Psychology Department, about how the brains of overweight people respond to the anticipation and consumption of something which stimulates the “reward system” of the brain.

On October 13th, CMET Video Production recorded an radio interview for OPB’s “Think Out Loud” with the Dean of the UO School of Journalism and Communication, Tim Gleason. The topic was how the profession of journalism is defined today in a world of bloggers and online videographers.

Cara Bohon, UO doctoral student in clinical psychology was interviewed again by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations, “Quirks and Quarks”, regarding her research with Eric Stice on the response of the brain’s dorsal stratium to “pleasurable” food and how this may impact the eating habits of overweight people.

Video Production also recorded two interviews for television broadcast — the first an interview with Dr. Eric Stice for ‘Good Morning America” and the second with Rep. Peter Defazio for the Fox Business Channel’s “Cavuto”.