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Fall 2011 Classroom Equipment Tutorials scheduled.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Please plan to attend one of several classroom equipment tutorials  in order to become well versed in the operation of the presentation equipment in your classroom. See the schedule of group tutorials here:


If you would like to arrange a tutorial for your department , or would prefer an individual tutorial, please contact the Classroom Technology office of CMET at 541-346-3091, or visit our desk on the ground floor of the Knight Library.

Tutorials for Success with Classroom Equipment

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

In less than a decade, this campus and its classrooms have been outfitted with wireless networking and presentation projectors and other media devices. The Center for Media and Educational Technologies, Classroom Support has been offering group tutorials at the beginning of each term for instructors to get comfortable with the classroom systems. Faculty can find the tutorial schedule at our main web page, http://library.uoregon.edu/cmet/classrooms/, or call, 346-3091, or email, mediasvc@uoregon.edu, to arrange for an appointment.