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Update: Maintenance Complete – Database maintenance July 29 5am-7am – short downtime

July 9th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Update: the maintenance has been completed.

During the July 29 5am-7am database maintenance period the DBAs will be making a configuration change that will require that the database servers be rebooted. This will happen at around 5am and will result in a short downtime for Blackboard. The change is to allow for more connections to the database servers for when we add additional application servers.

Blackboard Maintenance July 12, 2014 8am-12 noon – no down time expected

July 9th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

There will be some maintenance done on the Blackboard system this Saturday July 12 from 8am until noon. No downtime is expected.

During this time Cumulative Update 4 for 9.1 SP14 will be installed which includes a number of bug fixes including a fix for the Item Analysis reports not being available. There will also be a patch installed to allow the Flickr mashup to work which was broken due to a recent API change in Flickr, and an updated Software Updates building blocks.

The Panapto integration will also be turned of at that time since our Panapto license expires on July 13.

Fixes in Cumulative Update 4:

  • Poor performance is experienced when students are taking exams loaded from a learning module, Article 35868
  • Pages rendering without intended styles after upgrading to SP14
  • Overdue notification sent after timely submission, Article 33320
  • User with enrollment in disabled course that contains blogs encounters “Error getting notifications” when loading What’s New module, Article 18636
  • Manage Module Settings page does not list unavailable courses, Article 32786
  • Global Navigation Menu and Course to Course Navigation shows courses under Recently Viewed that user has never accessed, Article 32545
  • To: field is set to Course Name in Send Email instead of to Course ID, Article 26963
  • HTML files uploaded in Learning Module content areas become stretched, Article 32705
  • Recently navigated courses are shown through Course to Course navigation even if disabled or unavailable, Article 34675
  • SIS: too many Buffer Gets against DATA_INTGR_ID_MAP_TMP during snapshot complete refresh has imported, Article 27752
  • New Course Copy feature includes files from all content areas, not just the content areas selected, Article 34077
  • JAWS issue: when using up/down/right/left arrows after attaching a file does not work as expected
  • Page hangs/freezes when selecting questions to reuse, in both IE and Chrome, Article 34949
  • Default course quota is doubled when a course is copied, Article 34035
  • A course role containing a hyphen causes an error when personalizing Course Module settings, Article 32915
  • Test and Pools: advancing to see additional pages causes IE and Chrome browsers to stop responding, Article 35472
  • Performance Dashboard associates anonymous posts with users, Article 28926
  • “A valid numeric value must be entered: Points Possible” pop-up is displayed when enter 4 digits in the grade center, Article 34696
  • IE11 browser crashes when accessing a course as an instructor when Edit Mode is enabled, Article 35821
  • Performance issues due to heap exhaustion, Article 36041
  • When using IE11, “false” is displayed when trying to delete a course menu item in a course, Article 35927
  • Load balanced environments display the IP address of the load balancer under the access logs, Article 35358
  • Prior update causes Class Path issues in Cengage building block, Article 37413

Some accounts temporarily disabled

June 24th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Due to a processing error some user accounts were temporarily disabled for part of the evening. All accounts have now been re-enabled and you should be able to log in without any further problems.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

McGraw-Hill maintenance June 27 9pm PDT-June 29 8am PDT

June 23rd, 2014 by Tim Boshart

McGraw-Hill Connect will be down for maintenance starting at 9PM PDT June 27 until 8am Sunday PDT. During this time any McGraw-Hill content in Blackboard will be unavailable.

The rest of the Blackboard system will be unaffected by this maintenance.

Most campus web services including Blackboard unavailable 11:30pm June 18-2:45 am June 19, 2014

June 19th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Blackboard and other campus web services were unavailable between 11:30pm June 18-2:45am on June 19, 2014. For more information please see the Service Status Page.

Blackboard is now back online.

Update: Maintenance completed: Blackboard maintenance June 19 8am-noon – no down time expected

June 13th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Update: The maintenance has been completed. There was no downtime during this maintenance.

There will be some maintenance on the Blackboard system on June 19 from 8am until noon. No downtime is expected during this time.

There will be some minor configuration changes made during this time along with some updates to some of the building blocks including updates to the Mobile Web services building blocks along with the YouTube mashup and assignment building blocks that contain various bug fixes.

Blackboard and other campus web services unavailable between 12:00pm-12:40pm 5-28-2014

May 28th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Blackboard and other campus web services were unavailable between 12:00pm-12:40pm on May 28, 2014. For more information please see the Service Status Page.

Blackboard down for IS infrastructure maintenance June 20 7pm-June 21 7am

May 27th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Many key UO online services including Blackboard will be down between 7:00pm PDT Friday, June 20 until 7:00am Saturday, June 21 PDT so that Information Services can upgrade equipment vital to offering services.

For more information please see the following web page:


Update: Maintenance complete – Blackboard Maintenance Saturday, May 24 8:00am-10:00am no downtime expected.

May 20th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Update: The maintenance has been completed.

There will be a short maintenance period this Saturday May 24 from 8am-10am. There will be no downtime during this period.

During this time there will be three updates installed. The first is a fix in the Assessment feature that will fix a problem with the multiple blanks question type when “Exact Match” is used. The second is an update to the Retention Center to prevent some blocking locks in the database. The final is a fix to SafeAssign to allow the originality reports to open in a full window.

Update: Maintenance complete – Minor Blackboar Maintenance Sat. May 17, 8am-10pm. No down time expected.

May 13th, 2014 by Tim Boshart

Update: The maintenance has been completed.

There will be some minor maintenance on Blackboard on Saturday May 17 from 8am to 10pm. During this time a patch will be installed that will allow instructors using Firefox 29 and Chrome 34 to import test questions into a question pool.

No downtime is expected for this update.