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Notification issue – workarounds for viewing grades

We are aware of the issue regarding the notification panel. The features in the notification bar (such as announcements and grades) at the top right corner of the screen are from service pack 10. The notification system shows new activity on your Blackboard site by popping up with red number notifications.  It is supposed to work similarly to sites like Facebook and Google+ where if you have new activity on your site it will display the updated number. It’s there as a convenience and an additional way to access areas of Blackboard, but will not inhibit you from viewing any of the content. All of the content accessed through that panel is visible by navigating the standard menu. So while we are sorting out this issue, just ignore that panel and check Blackboard the way you have in the past. We realize not everyone knows the previous methods for checking grades so we have added the  information here for you. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Students can access their grades through “Tools” on the main menu in the course, if the instructor has not removed or disabled the Tools menu option for students. See below:

After clicking Tools they can locate “My Grades” on the resulting page and click on that. This should take them to their grade center. This area should still be functional:

If the instructor has disabled the student’s “Tools” link from the menu, the instructor should add a grades link back to the menu or add a new Course Module for grade viewing.

To add a tool link, go into the course, click on the little + sign at the top left corner (pictured below) and select “Tool Link”.  You will type in Grades or My Grades etc. and use the drop down arrow to select “My Grades” from the list of choices. Then click the box next to “Available to Users” to make it available to the students, and click Submit.

This will add a link that takes them directly to their grades for your course on the main menu, if you’ve disabled the Tools area previously.

Another way to add a Grades area link for students is to add it as a Course Module. If you notice the gray button in the same screenshot above ^^ toward the middle of the picture (the C is slightly covered up), it says “Course Module”. Find that on your own course and click on that button.

The page shown in the above screenshot should open with a list of student tools. Select the “Add” button underneath “Report Card” (it’s toward the bottom of the page, you may need to scroll a little) to add a grade module to your course page for students to access their grades. This will add it front and center on your Blackboard course page so students can easily access their grades this way. This method of viewing grades is also currently functioning fine.

We hope to have a proper fix shortly, but in the meantime, these are some great alternative solutions for students to still have access to their grades for your course. If you have more than one course, and have disabled or deleted the Tools option from all of them, you will need to re-add a Grades link for each individual course following the above instructions. If you already have Tools there in your menu, then students should be able to access their grades without you adding anything by following the first set of instructions. Thank you for your patience.

Here is a tutorial on what the notification/navigation panel entails: http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_myblackboard_global_nav.htm


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