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Uploading videos and summer course preparations

Many of you remember that Blackboard last term (Winter 2013) experienced a massive outage during Monday of finals week which frustrated many. Due to the fact that there has been as many as 65,000 logins on one day we want to avoid a load issue recurring.  We understood the cause of the crash and have implemented some work-arounds.  But we still want to be cautious, and are asking faculty and staff to NOT prep classes or upload video or other large files to Blackboard during dead week and finals, in order to preserve the integrity of Blackboard for students to access files.

If you do need to prep for summer courses, upload videos or other non-related finals activities, we ask that you do so during non-peak periods after grades have been submitted, toward the end of 0-week.

You can still use course copy to move files between courses. Please read this FAQ if you haven’t used the Course Copy feature recently: http://library.uoregon.edu/scis/blackboard/faq/instructors/i7.html

If you need to create a course export file to move content to another institution or need to import an export file you can send a request for assistance to blackboard@ithelp.uoregon.edu.

If you have files that are larger than 500MB you can contact CMET consulting for assistance in finding a way to make your files available to students. They can assist you with compressing video formats or making your movies available on a streaming server.

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