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URL links are working since this weekend’s update!

With courses in session after course copies were performed the link issue has resurfaced.

Two months ago a Blackboard bug added an “s” to links. Instead of going to http://…, https://… is used for web address when saved. The workaround for a student is to copy and paste the URL into the browser and remove the s from http(s):// then press enter and the page will load.

For professors in the meantime please recreate the content by going to “Build Content”, then use the “Web Link” content builder. This option still allows for the web links to function properly.

Our Administrator has gotten this problem escalated with the Blackboard developers and a fix will be available around the 20th of July.

We will contact professors who have submitted tickets to blackboard@ithelp.uoregon.edu once the issue has been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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