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Blackboard email delay bounce fixed

Dear faculty the brief issue with the bouncing back/failed message (not the email delivery itself) that was problematic and has been fixed since Monday. As long as you have received a copy of the email in your inbox from the email you sent to your class then your class has received the email as well. The only exceptions to this, of course, would be the few students who might have full email inboxes or not check their email. Otherwise, they have received the messages that faculty have sent. To be certain your students have equal access to messages that are sent, we recommend using the “Announcements” feature in Blackboard, which will both email your students and post an announcement to the Blackboard page that they will see when they log into Blackboard. The caveat with the Announcement feature is that your course must be already set to “Available” prior to sending an announcement or the email portion won’t go through. In any case, the issue has been resolved!

And you shouldn’t be receiving inaccurate bounce back messages in the future. We do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.

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