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Organize the long list of your courses.

If you’ve been attending the University of Oregon for a few years now, you may notice that your list of courses on Blackboard under the ‘My UO’ and ‘Courses’ tabs might start to look a little crowded, with old classes you took that never went away.

Here at the UO, we keep old coursesites for about three years before we archive them. This makes it easier for instructors to retrieve old materials (such as PDFs or lists of links) in order to use them for a future class, if needed. Two weeks after the term ends the courses will no longer be active, but available for instructors to refer to.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just deal with sifting through all those old courses to find your current ones! You can hide the classes you don’t need to see anymore and keep around the ones you do, with a very simple process.

When you go to either your ‘My UO’ tab or your ‘Courses’ tab, you should have a list of courses or departmental sites that you are enrolled in (or that are instructing, or are TAing in).

In the upper right-hand corner of that box, there’s a little gear symbol. If you click on that, it should take you to a list of all your courses, with check-boxes next to them. Simply remove the ticks next to the course you don’t need to see anymore.

You can also rearrange your course list on that screen by dragging the arrows to the far left of the course name up or down. Also uncheck the box under the announcements column, because if you uncheck the course but not the associated announcement, you will still see those posts.

Pretty simple! With this, your course list should go from being a big mess of courses you don’t need anymore, to something far more organized and easy-to-use, with only the courses you are actively using or involved with.  If you find you need one of those hidden courses visable again, for whatever reason, simply return to that gear symbol and re-check the boxes next to that course.

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