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Other Resources - What about students with 'Directory Restricted'

What about students with "Directory Restricted"?

You are responsible for making sure that the UO does not share confidential information -- essentially, all information about students except directory information such as name and email address.  You shouldn't tell one student information about another.  That's obvious for grades, but it also applies to other personal information.

Other Resources - I've found a blackboard bug How do I report it

I've found a blackboard bug. How do I report it?

We wish programs were bug free, but we live in the real world where bugs are all too common.  We want to hear about problems.  Sometimes we can help you deal with them, and sometimes they are bugs that we can fix, or can report to Blackboard, Inc.

File a blackboard trouble ticket.  See "submitting a Bb problem report " for instructions.

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Other Resources - How can I learn more about using Blackboard

How can I learn more about using Blackboard?

Visit CMET Consulting for personalized assistance using Blackboard to teach, or take a look at the range of online and hardcopy documentation. In addition, we offer (with Teaching Effectiveness Program) a series of training classes on how to create courses using Blackboard. For more pedagogical advice have a conversation with TEP!

Course Copy - How can I copy material from one coursesite to another

How can I copy material from one coursesite to another?

It's a new term, and you want to use material from your old Blackboard coursesite in this term's new site. You can copy material, but you'll need to be "instructor" or "teaching assistant" in both sites.

Blackboard Basics - Why do I have 3 blackboard sites for the same course

Why do I have 3 blackboard sites for the same course?

Blackboard Basics - Who can use Blackboard and how much does it cost

Who can use Blackboard, and how much does it cost?

Any UO course can use Blackboard for free. In addition, we encourage faculty to experiment with our server by setting up test course sites. For other non-course uses of the UO Blackboard server please submit a ticket to All registered UO students, all instructors of record in current UO courses, and most faculty and staff automatically receive Blackboard accounts.

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Blackboard Basics - What is Blackboard

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the online course management system at the University of Oregon. A course management system is designed to provide a collection of tools to help instructors and students supplement or replace face to face learning.

Blackboard Basics - My course is 'unavailable' What does that mean

My course is "unavailable". What does that mean?

Blackboard Basics - How do I upload files using Course Files on the Control Panel

How do I upload files using 'Course Files' on the Control Panel?



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) of how to upload course files and import a course package.

Blackboard Basics - How do I put HTML into my blackboard site

How do I put HTML into my blackboard site?

Several possibilities:

If you want to just include a bit of markup in the text of an item in a folder, you can type the HTML codes into the box in the page editor.  In the visual textbox editor, click the "<>" button (toggle HTML source mode") and start typing HTML. That's good only for very simple things like boldface, and you have to be careful not to foul up the page (e.g. by having a begin tag but no end tag).


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