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Math has one Ricoh Aficio MP C2551 PS printers which prints both black & white and color. Following is the routine for installing both black and white and color print queues on a Mac.

1. Begin by double clicking on this link, UOMathLibraryPrinters, and running the installer. The installer will download to the downloads folder of your Mac computer. Open your downloads folder and double click on the file named "PPD_Installer_RI3312E3L.pkg."

2.  Click "Continue" on the Software License Agreement.

3.  Click "Install."  Do not change the install location.

4.  For name and password use the administrator name and password for your Mac.

5.  Click the close button.

6.  Look on your Mac desktop for a folder named "UOMathLibraryPrinters" and open it.  You should see the installer, and two files that will install your printer queues:  "Math Copier BW" and "Math Copier Color."  

7.  Click on "Math Copier BW" and this dialog box should open.  Click "OK."  Do not interrupt the script.

8.  A dialog box will open indicating the printer installation finished.  Click "OK."

9.  Repeat steps 7 and 8 to install the color printer.  This time click on the "Math Copier Color" icon and again do not interrupt the installation.  Click "OK"

10.  Click "OK" to finish this installation.

11.  Verify that your printers are installed, and move the "UOMathLibraryPrinters" folder to trash.

If you require additional assistance, please contact the Computer Help Desk