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LibX Browser Extension for UO Libraries

LibX is a web browser extension (sometimes called a plug-in or add-on) that places a toolbar in your browser, provides visual cues in certain web pages that link to UO Libraries resources related to the item you are viewing, and places new menu items in the right-click menu in your browser, offering quick access to library resources from whatever web page you are on.

The UO Libraries' LibX toolbar allows you to quickly:

Install LibX toolbar for

§ Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

§ LibX Preferences

LibX FAQ (from

  • Use the toolbar to go directly to the library's homepage, go to the A-Z list of databases, go to the UO Worldcat catalog.

    LibX Search Options

  • Start a search in the library catalog, in OneSearch Articles, for a journal title in FindText, in Scholars' Bank, in the library's Digital Collections, in the library's web pages, in the Summit Union Catalog, in WorldCat, in the NW Digital Archives, or in Google Scholar.

    LibX Search Options

  • Highlight terms, names, journal titles or article titles on any web page, then right click on your mouse. In the menu that appears, you can chose to search for the highlighted words in UO Libraries' resources. NOTE: you will need to configure the Context Menu, in the LibX Preferences, after installing the toolbar to select the options you want available when you right click. LibX Right Click Preferences
  • Look for the UO icon UO Icon when you are using Amazon or Google Books. Clicking on the icon will launch a search in the UO Libraries catalog to see if we own the book. Other book sites may offer this feature, which works best in Firefox.

Install LibX Toolbar


The Firefox version of LibX works with Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Firefox may display a message that reads "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site ( or from installing software on your computer." Since some browser plugins could potentially be malicious, Firefox prompts with this warning when you attempt to install a new add-ons to it. The open source LibX add-on was developed by Virginia Tech and is in use by many universities around the world, and we believe it does not pose security or privacy risks. If you wish to use the LibX add-on, you will need to tell Firefox that you trust the source of the program to allow it to be installed.

To continue the installation after seeing this warning, press the button labelled "Edit Options..." that has appeared near the top of your browser window and click "Allow" to add or to the list of websites from which extensions may be installed. Then click "OK" and visit the above "Install" link again. After the installation is completed, you will need to restart your browser for the add-on to take effect.


LibX Preferences

Libx Preferences allow you to custom the links and functionality in the LibX toolbar. The General Preferences tab allows you to specify if the link opens in a new window or tab; while the Context Menu tables allows you to indicate which resources will be offered as links after right clicking.

Select LibX Preferences

Copyright and Privacy

LibX is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech.

By using this extension your browser may send the URL of pages you are currently visiting to the UO Libraries' catalog server. Such information is sent only if you are actively using the extension; it is never sent automatically. If you wish to avoid this you must turn off the referrer URL by setting network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0 in your Firefox preferences (note that this may cause some web sites that require referer information to not work correctly). Please see Duke University Library's privacy policy if you have concerns about transmission of data from your browser to library servers.

For more information about LibX, visit the LibX Homepage.

For questions or concerns about this tool, please Ask a Librarian .