Connect From Off-Campus

Connect From Off-Campus

Access to the Library's databases, e-journals, and e-books is easily available to current UO students, faculty and staff. 
Below are the two access options.  We recommend installing the VPN Software for its ease of use and reliability.
More about the campus VPN (Virtual Private Networking) software.

1. Install Campus VPN Software - recommended

The campus VPN connects your computer to the campus network from anywhere you have internet access. 
Just log in with your DuckID. 

2. Login with Your DuckID (library proxy server)

If the VPN software doesn't work with your computer or network, follow the instructions below.

  • When you click on a database, e-journal or e-book, you will see a Login with your DuckID button.
  • Enter your DuckID and DuckID password.

Get help using the UO Libraries proxy service.

Created by jenkins on Aug 7, 2013 Last updated Aug 12, 2013