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Contemporary Photographic Work in Special Collections

In addition to extensive historical collections, we acquire contemporary and recent photographic works, particularly those documenting landscape, ecology or alternative communities.

Please contact us if you are looking for a particular image.

Ray Atkeson (1907-1990): Noted for his wilderness images, Atkeson was Photographer Laureate of Oregon. In the 1930s he toured Oregon and spent time skiing on Mount Hood, hauling a large camera on his back. Images document the landscape of the West and its mountains over a period of decades. PH281.

John Bauguess (1943-): Social documentarian whose work includes Eugene's "Urban Renewal" and the downtown that was destroyed in the 1970s. PH338

James Cloutier: Images of the people of the small town of Alpine and the Alpine Tavern, from his 1977 book. 72 matted prints. Digital images available at Digital Collections. PH263

Bernard Freemesser (1926-1977): Noted Oregon landscape photographer and former teacher of photography at the University of Oregon. 819 negatives, 27 transparencies, 75 prints. PH302.

Gregory Gorfkle (1951-): Two prints from his slit-scan 360-degree panoramic camera, "Ecola Wave, 1989" and "Point of Arches, 2001." For more information about the artist, see PH312.

Annie Liebowitz (1947-): Color print of actor William Hurt.

Grayson Mathews (1949-2007): Prints of landscapes and agriculture in the Klamath Falls area and California, rodeo images from the 1970s, and pictures from Western highways. Digital images available at Digital Collections PH349.

Robbie McClaran: Prints from his 1996 exhibit and book Angry White Men, a powerful series of portraits of reactionary Americans including religious leaders and bomber Timothy McVey. For more information about the artist, see PH311

Dan Powell: Prints from Powell's extraordinary series of lyrical and yet stark images of western US landscapes, and series from his many artistic explorations such as The Letter, Of Myth and Legend, Chart of Brief Forms. Powell is a professor of photography at the University of Oregon, see To view a selection of Dan Powell's photographic work online, please visit the Dan Powell Photograph Collection on the UO library's Digital Collections page PH201-1.

Patricia J. Harris Noyes (1921-2010) was both a pioneer in photomicrography and a graduate of the California School of Fine Arts where she studied under Ansel Adams, Minor White, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston. Her scientific work illustrated many treatises on cellular growth, and her fine art work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Noyes was an active advocate for local wilderness and conservation issues. The collection consists of her fine art negatives and prints, selected photomicrography work, some documentation, and slides of the Northwest by her second husband, Richard M. Noyes (1919-1979). PH324.

Gerald H. Robinson (1927-): Gerry Robinson is a noted Portland attorney as well as an active photographer and teacher. He was a member of Group 15 and a founder of the Friends of Photography. The collection includes fine art prints by Robinson and his friends, and portraits of artists including Minor White, Ruth Bernhard, Laverne Kraus, Louis Bunce, and others. PH264

Larry Smith (?-1999): Landscapes, still lifes, people, structures and objects, dating from the late 1930s-1990s. Smith was active in the Oregon Camera Club and Group 15 and a close friend of Minor White. The collection also includes portraits of fellow photographers Ray Atkeson, Brett Weston, Minor White, Gerald H. Robinson, and Ansel Adams. PH257

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