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EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 3, 2016: The UO is transferring responsibility for records management oversight, policy, and training from the Libraries to the Office of the Vice President/General Counsel. While the transition is underway, UO offices may continue to submit records management questions though this form or via e-mail to Library staff will consult with the Office of the General Counsel as needed to address your inquiry. We anticipate the transition to be completed by Summer 2016.

Permanent Records Guidelines for University Departments: Common Types of Records

The University Archives was established in 1948 as the repository for all records of enduring historical value from all university administrative and academic units. The permanent retention of materials is governed by the applicable portions of Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 166 Division 475 (UO Records Retention Schedule).

The following are the common types of records that must be retained permanently by the University of Oregon. These materials must be retained regardless of their original format. All permanent records must be transferred to the University Archives after the time period specified in the Schedule. Your department or unit may have different names for the documents and they may be formally or informally produced.

Constitutions and by-laws, minutes and proceedings:

  • Committee records - agendas, minutes, reports, and correspondence.

Office files:

  • Executive Correspondence – including certain email, explained in more detail here.
  • Institutional Accreditation Records
  • Professional Accreditation Records
  • Lectures and Lecture Series Records
  • Staff Meeting Records

Historical files:

  • Reports (administrative) – annual (occasionally periodic or summary reports if information is not reflected in the annual report). This includes annual reports for units, sub-units, and final reports in the case of projects.
  • Policy and Procedures Documents – handbooks, organizational charts
  • Planning Documents
  • Award records
  • Cooperative Program Records – inter-institutional program records
  • Special Event Records
  • Visiting Scholar/Scholar in Residence Programs


  • photographs, films, and sound and video recordings.

The above is not an exhaustive list. Depending on the functions that occur within your department or unit, additional specific records and record types must be retained permanently. Please consult with University Archives regarding any unlisted materials you might have that could be included in the groups noted above.

All materials must be retained regardless of their original format. Please contact us for training and consultation regarding maintainance and transfer of electronic records.

Your department or unit may use different names for the documents, and they may be formally or informally produced; nevertheless, they fall within the scope of Archives' preservation program.

Non-permanent records also need to be disposed of in accordance with the Records Retention Schedule. Contact us with questions about management and transfer of non-permanent records

All permanent records must be transferred to the University Archives after the time period specified in the Records Retention Schedule. Please consult the Transferring Records to the Archives page for instructions.


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