Open Access Publishing Support Fund

Open Access Publishing Support Fund

UO Application for funding

Please fill out this form to submit a request for funding of publication fees for your open access journal article.  The funding process includes several steps (see the OAPS home page for more information):

  1. First, review the criteria for funding on the OAPS home page.  If you have questions about whether a particular article or journal qualifies for funding or about any details of the process, contact John Russell, Scholarly Communications and Instructional Support.  Note that the details of procedures and criteria may change during the course of the pilot project.
  2. Fill out this application form, typically at the time of initial journal submission or when the article is accepted pending revisions.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by the library's Director of Scholarly Communications, in conjunction with the library's Scholarly Communications Initiative Group.  A decision for funding support will normally be communicated to the author within two weeks.
  4. If the funding request is approved, author should notify the library when the article is accepted for publication or if the author withdraws it from consideration in that journal.
  5. Reimbursement will be made once the article has been accepted for publication and the author has paid the submission fee.   Author should also provide a full bibliographic citation plus a copy of the funded article, either author's final version or the published version, for deposit in Scholars' Bank, and will be asked to complete a brief survey on experience and attitudes towards open access publishing.
  6. Authors should provide a copy of the publisher's invoice to the library along with proof of payment. Payment will normally be in the form of a reimbursement through a departmental fund transfer (please provide index and account number along with proof of payment).  If author has paid the publisher directly (e.g. by personal credit card), the author will be reimbursed by check through the Banner system (please provide your UO numeric 9xxx number).

For details of eligibility and funding levels please see the OAPS home page before filling out this form. All fields are required.

Information about you

You must be a UO tenure-related faculty member, a non-tenure-related career faculty member (e.g., instructor, research associate, ranked librarian), post-doc, or currently enrolled graduate student, and must be one of the authors on a peer reviewed paper being submitted for publication in a qualifying open access venue.

e.g., "jsmith"

Information About Your Publication

Manuscript must be a scholarly article or monograph to be published as peer-reviewed open access after 1 April 2009.

Your Funding Request

Support is only available for publishing charges related to providing free immediate access to this article. Funding may be requested to cover open access publication fees, but does not cover the cost of reprints, color illustration fees, page charges, web hosting for self-archiving, etc. Please see the program description for funding levels and criteria.

During this phase of the pilot project, we are limiting the total allocated to $1,000 per request and $3,000 per person. If you have already received (or have a pending request for) funding from the Open Access Publishing Support fund, please reduce the amount you are currently requesting.


Additional Information

If you have previous peer-reviewed OA publications, please list the article titles, journal names, and years of publication:

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