iClicker at UO -- news and updates

i>clicker at UO -- news and updates

an insructor iclicker remote

This page describes recent and upcoming changes in i>clickers at UO. If you want more background on i>clicker at UO, see our i>clicker at UO -- notes for instructors page.

12 January 2015: We also support version 7.3.2. For those instructor who are using the Self-paced Polling feature, we still support 6.4.2. Version 7 provides an integrated gradebook and excel reports. Demographics, Self-paced polling and Questions-on-the-Fly are to come in a future release.

16 December 2014: We have a box of clickers to loan for workshop purposes.

13 November 2014: CMET Consulting will now be distributing the instructor kits to streamline operations.

23 October 2014: Last week i>clicker notified us of the recent potential security vulnerability of SSL v3. As promised, they now have an update to the i>clicker software, v6.4.2, that utilizes a different security protocol to replace SSLv3. Since this update is happening mid-term, you can find the compressed i>clicker / Bb Integrate files on our site which you will be extracting and placing in the Resources folder after you have updated your software via the WebUpdate application in your i>clicker folder.

20 October 2014: Please refer to our Blackboard news blog post regarding iGrader’s synchronization issue with Blackboard via the integrate module due to potential security vulnerability of SSL v3.

30 March 2014: Please upgrade your software to i>clicker v6.4.1 in order for the new integrated registration module within Blackboard to work, as mentioned below. 

08 January 2014: We have a new way of implementing the i>clicker registration module right in your course without having to send us a request which is quite streamlined! This new method utilizes the Tools area of Blackboard and can be placed anywhere, just like content. The easiest way we have found for students to find this is to make a link in the sidebar as a Tool Link. To add a link to the menu click the plus sign at the top of the sidebar and select “Tool Link.” You can name it what you want, but something with Clicker in the name would be ideal.  Select ‘i>clicker Remote Registration,’ check the ‘Available to Users’ box and press submit.

Many of you are using the  existing process and that is perfectly fine. Please refer to UOIntegrateBbLearnInstructGuide2014 for steps on this new process. We will phase the exist process out by Spring and move completely to the integrated blackboard clicker tool. If you are using one method stick to that for the remainder of the term; please do not use both because the registration sources are different.

We also plan on rolling out i>clicker GO pilots Spring term. Lastly i>clicker v6.4 is the most recent version of software. It only supports fixes to the GO option and is not a mandatory upgrade.  We currently support i>clicker v6.3.x. If you are interested in trying 6.4 you can use the ‘webupdate’ application within the iclicker folder. The update will not disturb any of the saved roster data or polling data.

22 July 2013: I wanted to inform you all that iClicker released their new and improved webclicking option (personal device clicker) called i>clickerGO, along with the 6.3 software that includes i>clickerGO tab feature.  Please read the release notes and you’ll find the direct links to the software download below.  We recommend upgrading to the new 6.3 for optimal performance and as a best practice update firmware on your bases prior to fall classes.

We will be viewing a demonstration of GO in the middle of August.  GO will be a great option to students who would rather use their phones vs a hardware remote.  i>clickerGO is completely compatible with any of the iclicker remotes in the same environment. There was not much traction with the previous webClicker version, so well will evaluate this upgrade. Instructors and students can still use the basic remotes.

18 June 2013: We are now supporting i>clicker 2s at UO. If you are interested in the additional functionality and complexity of this new model, contact Nargas Oskui to discuss incorporating it in your class. The bookstore is selling the new remotes for $43.25 and buying the i>clicker 2s back for $21.75; but will not be buying back the original i>clicker remotes. The i>clicker remote is still usable, but it all comes down to the types of questions the instructor is asking in class. If the polling consists of alphanumeric inputs then the instructor would require students to purchase the i>clicker 2s. So students who want to sell their i>clickers can access this Rebate link. Students can also sell their remotes online and get a few more dollars on Amazon or Ebay.

7 January 2013: Classroom Technology and CMET Consulting have decided to establish a long term/indefinite loan of the iClicker instructor kits for convenience of utilization. This will make it easier for the users to update the software on the kits at their convenience. Classroom Technology will continue to distribute base stations and clickers for instructors who are interested. If you need to request a base station, please stop in at the Center For Media and Educational Technologies service counter in the basement of the Knight Library. If you have already have a kit checked out, you don’t need to return it until you are done using it or you decide to leave the University. Classroom Technology will still assist students in looking up their Clicker ID #s ( if those numbers have worn off the barcode on the clickers). The UO Duckstore will be supplying other iClicker2 resources. You may contact them at the service counter on the second floor of the Duckstore on 13th Avenue for more information.
Instructors who are getting a Parse Error prompt need to download the most recent version of software from the iClicker downloads page.
There is a new process for subscribing to campus clickers mailing list by sending email to clickers-join@lists.uoregon.edu. The body of the message and the subject line are ignored.

23 September 2012:  Version 6.X has been fully tested and we are fine with faculty using it in place of 5.5.X. If you are comfortable with 5.5.X please continue to use it, just run WebUpdate to make sure you have the new patches. The iClicker site only has version 6.2 available for downloading though. There also is a new integrate process. Please read these instructions: UO iClicker Bb intergrate. You also need to download the UO specific integrate programs ( Mac UO integrate / PC UO integrate ) to replace the ones you may have.  There is a professor who decided to pilot i>clicker 2. If you are also interested in utilizing it for Winter of 2013 get in touch with Nargas Oskui.

1 March 2012:  For winter 2012 we have an instructor whom piloted the webClicker. Students interested in using webClicker in a class already using iClicker must make sure their instructor has enabled webClicker usage. Then they will need to purchase a subscription usage from iClicker’s website and select a platform to run from. They may use a laptop, iPhone, or iPad with internet connectivity!  Please see How do I use webClicker at UO --  winter 2012 on the process.

8 Jan 2012: For winter 2012 we have updated our recommendations for software version, and have removed support for the i>clicker "CMS Integrate" module.  Please delete the program "CMS Integrate Wizard" from your i>Clicker software distribution and see BB and I>Clicker at UO -- winter 2012 for additional information.  Also please verify that you are running i>clicker software version 5.5.x.

15 Oct 2011:  We have updated all instructor kits to include current iClicker firmware.  If you have a personal base station rather than using one loaned from CMET, you will need to contact CMET (Stacy DeHart) to arrange an upgrade.

1 Sept 2011: Instructors using iClickers:  we recommend that you sign up for a UO listserv that we use for important iClicker announcements.  Register by sending email to majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu with a message that contains a single line, "subscribe clickers".

26 May 2011: We are currently updating all instructor kits to i>clicker v 5.5.2 with CMS Integrate.  Starting summer term, we expect all users to use Integrate to communicate between the i>Clicker software and blackboard.  See Using blackboard and i>clicker at UO for information.

Instructor kits with the new software will be available before the start of summer term.

A few instructors at the UO have experimented with a new i>clicker product, "web>clicker."  Using this system, students can purchase a license and use their smart phones (or other web-enabled devices) instead of the familiar white remotes.  If you're interested in learning more, contact JQ Johnson.

i>clicker has also a new version of their software, 6.0.  At this time we do not recommend using it, but we will be evaluating it for possible use fall 2011.

We are also evaluating a new generation of i>clicker hardware, "i>Clicker 2."  We do not expect to adopt this new hardware system during the 2011-12 academic year.


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