iClicker outdated FAQ

Common Errors to check for in iClicker

  • For syncing roster/clickers and/or set up issues in version 6.0 and higher,  see FAQ #’s 1-6 and also “Random Questions” after #11.
  • For Grading issues and uploading grades issues in iclicker, see #’s 6-10
  • For questions pertaining to an older version (5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5), see the suggestions under #11.

First step is to make sure you set up your iclicker software correctly. Check #’s 1& 2 first:

1.  Check to ensure there are no extra copies of CMS Integrate Wizard and ensure they are using a recent version 6 and above. If they already started using a different version, they will have to stay with it because otherwise they will lose their data.

2.  Make sure that under Settings in CMS/Registration tab are set up properly. The CMS should reflect Blackboard and the drop down should be selected as version 8 and above. Underneath that, make sure the Server URL is typed accurately. It must be exactly right as such "SQLhttps://library.uoregon.edu/dc/blackboard/iclicker/?c=".

It must be exactly right. See screenshot below for how it should look. (As an aside, be sure to leave that checkbox unchecked that says “Only display results from registered remotes” or all of those students who vote but haven’t registered your clickers yet will not appear in the results display).  It should look just like the screenshot below.

3.  Did you use the Student Registration process by creating a help ticket and requesting an iclicker registration panel be added to your Blackboard course site?  Or did you have your students register from the website directly?

  • If students didn’t register their iclicker through the UO integrated form within Blackboard this could cause a synchronization issue. If it’s only a few students who did that you can manually register them or tell them to go back and do it properly through the UO registration on Blackboard. If you did not initially set up a UO registration through Blackboard and consequently, your students did not register through it, you need to request (via a help ticket) to set up a proper UO registration within your Blackboard course site and have the students all re-register that way.  If you have already run polling sessions, it’s okay, once the students register it will retroactively assign points based on your grading paradigm once you are properly registered. The registration module request can be sent to blackboard@ithelp.uoregon.edu as an email request.

4. Students listed in i>grader are in red and there are a lot of unidentified clicker numbers at the bottom

  • This is occurring because i>grader has not fully synced with your student’s  i>clickers yet. To sync it, open the course in i>grader and press the 'Sync' button in the bottom right as if you are going to add the roster. When the popup appears, click NO this time, then in the subsequent popup click CONTINUE. i>grader will sync the student clickers with the data it has received and you should find that upon its completion, a lot more student names are black and there are not so many unknown clickers at the bottom. Any of the students whose names are still red have likely not yet registered their clickers or transferred out of the class. These students you can deal with on an individual basis.

5.  Have you previously been manually uploading the course roster to sync with igrader and are now using the new UO sync feature?

  • There may be a gb_export.csv or existing roster file that is creating a conflict with the new file that is added to the course folder. Not likely a problem, but make sure any old roster files have been deleted out of the course folder and try again. If you’re using the automatic integrate sync it should replace it automatically and there should be a pop up asking to overwrite it. Say yes.

6.  You are exporting iclicker scores and there is a student who has registered, voted in class, but then subsequently dropped the course (and is therefore no longer in your Blackboard gradebook).

  • The best way to avoid this is to update your roster file before uploading the scores to Blackboard. Another thing you can do is go into igrader, find the student/problem clicker, double click it and remove it manually.

7.  Sometimes when you are trying to upload grades there will be a pop up with some students names that are preventing the upload from occurring. This is usually because you have had students either drop or add after the last time you synchronized the roster. Your course roster on Blackboard must match exactly with the current iclicker roster or it won’t allow the automatic upload in the new version.

  • To fix this, you need to resynchronize your roster or do it manually by downloading the roster file and placing it in your class as a gb_export.csv file. We always try to recommend that you re-sync your roster a few times during the course especially in the beginning and the middle of the term. If there are late term changes, you need to do it again and this causes a frequent error.

8. If you are trying to upload/sync the grades with Blackboard and a pop up error window is showing up as a really big mismatch with names and clickers

It is often because you are simply choosing the wrong course from the drop down menu when you try to export. If you have a lot of courses (especially merged courses that have similar names or same names but from previous years) you are simply choosing the wrong course from the drop down menu when you are trying to upload it to Blackboard.

  • Bring the course up on Blackboard and go to the Full Grade Center. While you are opening the course, make note of the name and year and CRN of the course you are opening and when you try to upload it in igrader again, make sure you are choosing the same course. It is easy to mix them up especially on the small drop down menu because it doesn’t always show the full name of the course.

9. The grade (point value) you enter in igrader for a specific question is not remaining the same number you input it to be even after saving it.

  • There are a couple things that could be happening. On a Mac there is a bug where you need to click into another white area to move the blinking cursor into a different area for the input number to actually take. This usually occurs with the final question where you input the point value and then click Set and Close before clicking elsewhere. For whatever reason, you should first click to another white area/field before saving your points.
  • The other issue could be within the iclicker settings. Open the iclicker software as opposed to igrader software, tab over to the scoring tab and make sure the point values there are not overriding the changes you might have made in igrader for that session. If you plan to make different point values for each session, it is probably best not to set up session point settings in iclicker and just do it manually within igrader for each session. Otherwise, iclicker is a good place to set up your scoring parameters for the term. They can be changed if needed later.

10. After an i>clicker session, the student’s grades are automatically higher than you thought you set them to be:

  • There are a few ways to change the grades that are processed every time a student votes. The first way is to open i>clicker and go to your course. Open "My Settings" and click the fourth tab in on the top called "Scoring." Here, you can adjust how many points a student gets automatically for just participating in general, the points you get for participation on each individual question ("Points for responding"), and the amount each right answer is worth. Check these values to make sure you reflect what you want for the class.
  • The other potential issue can be adjusted through i>grader. Open your course in i>grader and double-click anywhere inside the column for the session you would like to adjust. Here, there will be a display for the question you asked that shows how many students answered, what the correct answer was worth, the distribution of responses, etc. You can see here how much you have set the correct answer to be worth (you can go from question to question with the arrows underneath). You can check the settings for this entire session by selecting "Session Settings" above the display. On this page, you can adjust the participation points for the session/questions and the default correct answer point value. (NOTE: If you make changes in the session settings and i>grader automatically changes them back to the value you don't want, the problem is likely in the i>clicker course. See the tip above to find the solution.)

Didn’t answer your question? See the “Random Questions” after #11 for more FAQ items.

If you are using an old version of iclicker and you have been manually syncing your course roster and grades, here are some things to check:

11. If it’s the beginning of the term and you haven’t ran sessions with your class yet, please upgrade to the most recent version at least version 6.3 from our website (see above for info). If you have already run a session and it is imperative that you don’t lose that session data, then you won’t want to do this and will need to continue with the manual options.

  • Do you have an updated course roster list? When was the last time you put the gb_export.csv file in your class folder?  If you haven’t done it recently, you should do it again. It’s almost always a good idea to just do it again as it tends to resolve most issues.
  • Download your course roster from the full grade center. Make sure you change the delimiter type to “Comma” and do not leave it as tab. Make sure you rename the file after it downloads to gb_export.csv and place it in your class folder, not just the iclicker folder. It needs to be added to your specific class folder that you are running sessions with.
  • Again make sure in your iclicker software setup that you have set up your CMS/Registration appropriately (see page 1 image). This is necessary when using both the old software and the new versions. Often you will miss this part of the set up and that will make it so you can’t upload grades to Blackboard.
  • If you have any of the older versions, you need to do everything manually which means that you cannot have a CMS Integrate wizard file in your iclicker folder. If you do, it can create problems. So go through your iclicker folders and make sure those files have been deleted. They will look like "cms integrate wizard.exe" or "cms integrate wizard.app" and usually are found under the “Resources” folder.

Other random and/or less common things that might come up:

How can I display i>clicker in conjunction with Keynote Presentation software?

  • In Keynote Slideshow Preferences, there is an option labeled "Allow Expose, Dashboard, and others to use the screen." If you check this, and then open i>clicker, the control bar should appear on the screen.

I have multiple clickers assigned to one student or I have multiple students registered under one clicker number

  • It’s okay if you do, you will just need to manually assign them appropriately in igrader so that they match up and get their points. To do this, (first write down the two clicker numbers and the student’s username) then find the clicker in question (or the student in question depending on what the issue is), and double click their name (or clicker). From there you should see some options for assigning a new remote ID to them etc. Make the necessary changes, save them and the student should receive points for responding from either clicker. It may still give you the notification warning even after you’ve updated it, but just press “close” when that happens and don’t worry about it. The same thing for multiple people registered to a remote. If it’s not matching up, you can select the remote ID and there should be a drop down menu to assign the correct student to the remote ID. You may need to run the sync process again just to be safe.

I ran a session in class, but in igrader, my students are showing up as having earned zero points for all of them:

  • That usually is because you haven’t set up your scoring protocol ahead of time. It’s okay and can be done before you run a session, or afterwards retroactively to assign the appropriate points. If you’ve already run the session and want your students to reflect the points you’ve earned, open up igrader and find the column in question (probably the one full of zeros) and double click on any of the zero grade cells directly. This will open the questions/polling session data for that day. From there, you can select which question was correct and how many points you want them to earn for responding to the correct answer. If you only want to do participation points, you need to select the button that says “Session Settings” and assign the points accordingly based on your grading paradigm.

I’ve already assigned the correct answer to be worth a point, but it’s still showing up as zero points in igrader. (This is similar to the previous issue, but more in depth).

  • Check your session settings: We will usually see this happen if you have set up the individual question, but have not done anything with the “Session Settings”, which is a separate tab/button next to “Question Information” in igrader after you double click on a score to look at the question. Open “Session Settings” - it is usually because “Maximum number of required responses” is set to 2 or more and if there was only one question asked in the session, then obviously, the minimum was not achieved and you will not get any points for that session.  ALSO: If you want the students to get a participation point in addition to the point earned for the correct answer (for a total of 2 points if you both answered the question AND answered it correctly) then you need to also make sure the Participation points says “1”. Most instructors want it to be this way.

Some of my students are using the iclickerGO with their cell phones. What do I do?

Okay, I got the new version downloaded from the iclicker website (version 6.3.x or 6.3.x) and I want to get the UO Integrate now:

  • If you downloaded the new software from our CMET Consulting site (instead of iclicker.com) the software will include the integrate already in the resources folder and you will not need to do it manually. If you downloaded the software from iclicker.com you will need to get the integrate software from our website.
  • To do so, go to the following web page and download the file and make sure you download the file appropriate for your computer (Mac or PC). Go to the linked page below and scroll down about halfway to the section called “Updating your Software” – this is where you will find the links for UO integrate: http://library.uoregon.edu/scis/clickers/index.html">http://library.uoregon.edu/scis/clickers/index.html
  • First you will click on the link that says: Mac UO Integrate or PC UO Integrate depending on your computer that you will be using to run sessions – make sure you download it to the actual laptop you will be using in class, especially if it’s a different operating system type. Be sure to extract the files completely if you are on a PC and open them if you are on a Mac since they are a zipped file and need to be unzipped.

The download will be a zip file and the individual files will look like this:

For Windows:

CMS Integrate Wizard.exe



CMS Integrate Wizard Libs (folder)

Or for a Macintosh:

CMS Integrate Wizard




  • Using the i>clicker application, click My Settings > LMS/Reg.  Set CMS to Blackboard {Ver 8.0 and above} and the security code to "https://library.uoregon.edu/dc/blackboard/iclicker/?c=">SQLhttps://library.uoregon.edu/dc/blackboard/iclicker/?c=". 
  • Download a copy of your Blackboard class roster: Go to Grade Center and click "Work Offline->Download". Download User Information Only, use Delimiter type:Comma, and include hidden information. You'll get a file with a long name such as gc_200901.12345_fullgc_2009-09-14-14-27-45.csv. Move it to your appropriate Classes subfolder in your i>clicker software folder and rename it to gb_export.csv.
  • Request that an appropriate entry be added to your blackboard site, then give your students the assignment of registering their clickers using it.  Students who register a clicker for one course do not need to do so for other courses that term. [important note: this is not the same as the registration system at iclicker.com, which UO people should not use]
  • After you've used i>Clicker at least once in class, use the "Sync..." button in i>grader to download the roster (click "Yes" in answer to the popup window question).  You will be asked for your blackboard password and course, since Integrate will log in to blackboard on your behalf to transfer data.
  • Download a new roster and do another synchronization after the end of DROP/ADD.  Periodically use the "Sync..." in i>grader to download clicker ID registration information and match clicker numbers with student usernames by clicking "No".

You can also register clickers for individual students in your course using the i>clicker program.  Click "loan/register clickers".   i>clicker also has a "roll call registration" feature that can be used in small classes but takes too much time in large ones.

Now proceed to use clickers. Every few days you may want to upload clicker grades back into Blackboard so your students can see how they are doing.  Do so by exporting a CSV file from i>grader then uploading and importing it into the Grade Center.  Bug alert: you can only upload about 830 grades in a single transaction.  As part of the upload process Blackboard will ask you what columns in the CSV file you want to import; if you have a large course, select only a single column, then repeat the upload to import additional columns.

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