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Blackboard Maintenance Schedule

The UO Blackboard course information system is normally available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with a few exceptions. See the schedule below, Blackboard News, and IS Status website for information.

You can file a trouble ticket reporting blackboard outages at  If you are reporting a problem, please be sure to provide all of the information we need.  See Submitting a Blackboard problem report.  Emergency response to Blackboard outages is available by calling Library Systems, at 346-3049, during times the Knight Library is open.

Consulting for students in the use of Blackboard is available through the Library Learning Commons during times  Knight Library service desks are open. Consulting hours end most evenings at midnight even though the library may be open for extended hours.

Consulting for faculty in the use of Blackboard is available at CMET Consulting (Room 19), 9 AM - 6 PM Monday-Friday during fall, winter and spring terms and 11 AM-6 PM Monday-Friday during summer terms and breaks. Second level technical support is available via the trouble ticket system, although staff are typically on site 8:00 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday.

Downtime Schedule

There's never a good time to have a major service like Blackboard down for necessary maintenance. We try our best to juggle competing needs and pick times that minimize disruption for the entire UO community. Check this page for our official Blackboard downtime schedule. We update the schedule approximately quarterly, and attempt to list all scheduled downtime for the next six or more months.

Blackboard at UO is currently unavailable every Tuesday morning, 5 am - 5:15 am, with downtime sometimes extending to 7am.  In addition, the application servers are restarted every morning at about 4:14 am, resulting in a very brief (typically under 5 minutes) service interruption at that time.

We also reserve one Saturday each month for preventive maintenance and upgrades, and additional downtime during winter and spring breaks. If we need to actually use this reserved downtime, we will announce detailed plans as much in advance as possible on the Blackboard news blog. The date each month is chosen when possible to correspond to the Information Services system maintenance weekend.  On months when we need to use this reserved time, Blackboard is typically down starting at 8 am.

The Blackboard system also depends on various other systems that may themselves have scheduled downtime. For example, Information Services reserves 3:30 am - 7 am each Monday and 5am - 7am each Thursday morning for network downtime. Although this downtime is rarely actually used, Blackboard would be unavailable whenever the network was down. Similarly, Information Services reserves Tuesday 5 am - 7 am for occasional scheduled, mail system, web services, and Blackboard downtime.  The Duck ID system has regular maintenance each Friday evening, 7 pm - 9 pm; password changes and new account creation are not available at those times.

2013-14 Calendar

Check back for corrections.  This data is typically accurate at least one term in advance.

Date Note Planned downtime schedule
July 20, 2013 middle of summer term Update to cumulative patch 15 --> Successfully completed.
Aug 17, 2013 after 8 week summer session Reserved for emergency updates only
Sept 14, 2013 after 11 week summer term Upgrade to 9.1 SP13, database maintenance --> Successfully completed.
Oct 12, 2013 after start of fall term Reserved for emergency updates only
Nov 9, 2013 middle of fall term Reserved for emergency updates only
Dec 19, 2013 after fall term Upgrade to 9.1 SP14
Jan 11, 2014 after start of winter term Reserved for emergency updates only
Feb 8, 2014 middle of winter term Reserved for emergency updates only
March 27, 2014 during spring break Possible upgrade to 9.1 SP15
April 12, 2014 after start of spring term Reserved for emergency updates only
May 10, 2014 middle of spring term Reserved for emergency updates only
June 21, 2014 after spring term Reserved for emergency updates only

Knight Library is scheduled to be closed several days during 2013-14. Blackboard will be available except as noted above, but other library services will not.

Planning for downtime

As we put together the downtime schedule, we consult with the Blackboard Advisory Committee, the staff in Information Services, and a wide variety of other interested parties. Some principles governing our plans include:

  • minimize overall downtime.
  • avoid downtime during peak usage periods, including the first week of the term, and dead week through the day grades are due.
  • avoid downtime during the busiest times of a typical week, which approximately include 8am-1am Sun-Fri and 1pm-1am Sat.
  • avoid user-visible functionality or interface changes during a term, and avoid major interface changes in the middle of an academic year.
  • maintain the core blackboard system at near-current version. When major versions are released, we generally try to wait until the first patch release, but attempt to stay no more than 9 months behind current major version.
  • announce scheduled downtime as much in advance as possible, typically at least one full term in advance.


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