Blackboard 9

Using Blackboard 9

The UO upgraded our Blackboard system to "Blackboard Learn" version 9.0 on 22 Aug 2009.  It's a fairly major change.  This page describes some of the changes and provides links to more information.  It is designed for instructors with experience with earlier versions of blackboard who want a quick intro to the changes we made in 2009.  For more general help with the blackboard system please see our main help page or the SCIS Blackboard page.

We expect to upgrade from Blackboard 9 to 9.1 in December 2010.  We'll be posting additional information about the changes in version 9.1 soon.

BB 9 for students (and others users)

The visual appearance of Blackboard has changed,  However, most students should see only minor functional changes to Bb 9 (except to the extent that your instructors take advantage of new features), but as we get FAQs we'll post them here:

Some navigation features in BB 9 coursesitesCourse page navigation

There are lots of new ways to navigate in a coursesite.  For example, see the screen sample at right.  You can move up out of folders using the breadcrumb trail.  You can change the main menu.  You can collapse or expand parts of the blackboard screen.  You can even upload a personal image that will be used in all of your courses to mark your discussion posts.

If you log into a coursesite and don't see any course main menu, look for a small arrow (greater-than sign) at the left side of the window, about 2" down, and click it.  If you see only the title of the course and no sections in the main menu, click the double-downarrow next to the title of the course.

Course entry page

Some courses may start out in the new "Course Home Page" rather than in the Announcements page.

Finding course tools

Courses no longer have a "Course Tools" section in every main menu.  If you were used to using those links- to get to Blackboard features, you'll need to find other ways:

  • Check your grades in all of your courses directly from the My UO page (the "Tools" box at the far left)
  • Send email directly from the My UO page.
  • Some courses have a "Tools" or "Communications" link in the main course menu that takes you to a page listing all tools available in the course.
  • Look for other ways your instructor may have provided you with links to tools in that course.  For example, if the instructor uses the Discussion Board, she may provide a "Discussion Board" link on the main course menu (or within a content area such as "Course Documents" or "Assignments")

Assignment iconSubmitting online assignments

If your instructor uses Blackboard to accept term papers, there's probably a link to the Assignment (with an icon like the one  on the right).  To submit your assignment, click Attach file: BROWSE TO LOCAL FILE to include your term paper.  Then after you have selected the file you want to attach, be sure to click "Attach File" (many people miss this step) and finally "Submit".


If your instructor is allowing Blackboard groups, then you can create your own groups to work together and share files in Bb.  You'll find a "Groups" link (perhaps under "Tools" in the main menu, and there will be a button CREATE GROUP.  You'll get a "Create Self-Enrollment Group" form to fill out.  You can allow classmates to sign up for the group, or even create a group just for yourself (and the instructor).  The group  can have a discussion board, file exchange, and many other features.

And much more...

For more information about Blackboard 9, see for instance:

Try googling "blackboard 9 student guide" for more resources from other universities.

BB 9 for instructors

Bb 9 is a more major change for instructors.  We've moved information for instructors to a separate web page.