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How do you upload assignments to Blackboard?

Assignment is a general term your professor may use to refer to homework, but in blackboard it is a specific type of tool.  Verify with your instructor what you need to submit is a “blackboard assignment.”  Blackboard assignment has an icon that looks like a piece of paper with a pencil and a ruler in your blackboard course site.

Response can either be directly typed in or uploaded as a file to the assignment area of the course in blackboard.  

How to submit your response

First, find the assignment link in your blackboard course site, then find the area under ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION. 

Text responses

If you want to type in your responses directly, click Write Submission button next to Text Submission.  It opens an editor window below where you can type your responses.

If you want to upload a word or pdf file, click Browse My Computer button next to Attach File.

Video responses

If you were instructed to imbed your video, you will first need to upload your video to Youtube.  See [link to Tools: How do I host course videos on YouTube?] for instructions on how to upload your video to Youtube.  Once you uploaded your video to Youtube, select Write Submission next to Text Submission in your assignment area of the blackboard course.  Click down arrow next to Mashups, and select YouTube Video.

Troubleshooting Tips for Uploading Assignments on Blackboard:

  • If you are getting an error message when you upload an attachment, the first thing to check is the file name. To avoid problems, a file should be named using only letters, digits, dashes, and underscores, and should have file extensions that specify the type. You should avoid files with names like "33 1/3%" or "Lecture Notes 2/2/04". Use names like "one_third.doc" or "lecture-notes-2-2-04.ppt" instead. Be especially careful to avoid spaces at the beginnings of file names – they are easy to include by accident, and hard to notice unless you are looking for them.
  • Most issues with Blackboard are browser-related and can be solved by either switching to a different browser or">clearing your browser's cache. Blackboard is compatible with both Mac and PC, but it does require a fairly modern web browser, with cookies, JavaScript, Java, and SSL enabled.
  • Browsers are constantly changing. Visit our">browser check page to see if your browser is on the list of those we think work well with blackboard, or see our">list of recommended browsers.
  • Any easy way to tell if you have browser problems is to try logging in from a computer in the Library; if you can log in from the library but not from home, then it's definitely a configuration problem on your home machine.
  • Sometimes, if you have been logged in to Blackboard for a while, it will automatically log you out resulting in an error message so if you get an error message with something like Access Denied or Not Authorized, check to make sure you are still logged in to Blackboard and then try again.

Troubleshooting For Uploading a SafeAssign Document:

The troubleshooting instructions for a regular document, as previously described, apply for SafeAssign as well so check those tips in addition to the following:

  • Potential Browser issues: SafeAssign can be used (more or less) with Safari with one settings change. In Safari go to “Safari”->”Preferences…”, click on the “Privacy” tab and change “Block Cookies” to “Never”.
  • Unlike normal Assignments, SafeAssign restricts your submissions to specific file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, and RTF. If you have a writing document to submit to SafeAssign, please confirm it is one of the acceptable file formats listed on the file upload screen.

For more information relating to the problems uploading SafeAssign document, see [link to" target="_blank">I can't upload a safeassignment to blackboard.]

Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to">submit an assignment.

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