Assignments - How do I accept term papers electronically from my students

How do I accept term papers electronically from my students?

**Note: If you are wanting to set up a “SafeAssignment” with plagiarism checking, the procedure is slightly different and there is a separate FAQ for this**


If you want the left menu bar (where Course Documents and Course Information usually are listed) to also have a link option for your assignment you are creating, you would first do the following. If not and you only want to add the assignments to an area like “Course Documents”, skip down to where it says “Setting up the Assignment”:

  1. Go into the course you want to add content to and just above that menu along the left side there is a little + plus sign in the left corner. Click on that and a drop down menu will give you options to choose what kind of content you want to add there.
  2. “Content Area” and “Tool Link” are the most frequently used of these options. If you wanted to add an Assignments area, you would usually choose “Content Area”.
  3. Clicking on Content Area will open a window where you give your new menu item a name. In this case you might type “Assignments” or the name of the specific assignment if there was only going to be one for that area, or “Week One” if that’s where week 1 assignments will go etc.
  4. Then click on the Make Available to Users checkbox and “Submit” to save.

It will add it to the bottom of the list and you can reorder it by hovering over the left side of the new item until your mouse becomes that little 4 way arrow icon. From there, click and hold and drag it up where you want it to go. From there, you can click on the link you created “Assignments” (or whichever name you gave it) and add an actual assignment area/dropbox for students to upload or submit assignments.


Setting up the Assignment:

Go to a content area where you want to put the assignment such as “Course Documents”

Click on the "Assessment" button at the top and then select "Assignment".

You can then give the assignment a name, assign a point value, and give instructions for the assignment. If needed you can upload a file for the students to use in their assignment and set a date restriction on when students will be able to see the assignment.

Blackboard then creates an area where the students can either type in their assignment responses or upload a file for you to review.


For the students to submit their assignment, they must go to the content area where you’ve put the assignment and click on the "View/Complete Assignment" link below the name of the assignment. They can then enter text and upload any files needed to submit the assignment. They can also return to this same link to review what they have submitted later to ensure it processed successfully.

You can then retrieve the submitted assignments, including any submitted files, through the Grade Center. Click on Grade Center in the Course Management control panel on the lower left side of the page. You can then view a complete list of all submitted assignments that have not been graded by clicking on the link that says “Needs Grading”. Assignments are linked to the Grade Center directly so there is no need to create an additional column for the assignment in grade center, it does it automatically.

You can also grade assignments directly in the Full Grade Center.  Assignments that have been uploaded but not graded will be marked with a bright green "!" in the Full Grade Center. Simply hover your mouse over that area and click on the downward arrow icon next to the exclamation mark and select “View Grade Details”. In the subsequent window it will show an overview of the student’s submission. You can click on “View Attempts”, “Grade Attempt” or “Edit Grade” to enter a grade and your own comments that the student can see in the Feedback to Users text box. If needed, you can also attach a file that the student can download, perhaps containing correct answers or a marked up version of the student's work.

In the text box area under "Instructor Notes" you can enter comments that only you and any other instructors in the course can see.

The student can then view your comments and the grade assigned using "view grades."


Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to download assignments from the grade center.

Here is how students upload assignments.

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