Blackboard Basics - Blackboard down? What to do

Blackboard down?  What to do

Blackboard at the UO has scheduled maintenance, but is very seldom down except as scheduled. Our target is 99.9% scheduled uptime! Still, it's possible that when you try to connect to Blackboard you may be unsuccessful. Here's what to do next.

Is it actually a Blackboard problem?

Blackboard message when server is unavailableFirst, wait a few minutes and try again.

Second, figure out whether Blackboard is down, or whether the problem is elsewhere (perhaps in your network connection, or a campus-wide computing problem. If you get an error message like the one on the right then it's definitely a blackboard problem. If not, then before you assume that blackboard is down try to connect to other systems.

Try using your web browser to connect to If you can't, then the problem is in your connection to the Internet. If you can, next try connecting to other UO systems (e.g. or If you can't connect to other systems then the problem isn't with Blackboard alone, and you should contact Information Services to alert them to the problems.

It's a Blackboard problem. What next?

Sometimes people have trouble logging in to Blackboard but the server itself is up. If that's happening to you, check our "login help" page before proceeding.

If the system is totally unavailable, check our downtime schedule page to see if we have scheduled maintenance.

If you got a message like the one above when you tried to connect (with "We are aware of the problem"), then we are actively working on resolving the problem. View our news blog or just check back in an hour or so. On the other hand, if you get just a message without the "we are aware," then either we haven't updated the message yet or we actually haven't been alerted to the problem.

If it's during the ordinary business day (8-5 M-F), then almost certainly a support staff member already knows that there is a problem and is working on fixing it. Rather than calling and delaying the repairs, check our news blog for status info. Or file a Blackboard trouble ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If it's after hours, we probably already know about the problem, but if you have reason to believe that we don't you can report the problem by calling Library Systems, at 346-3049 and leaving voice mail. The Library Systems number is monitored during times the Knight Library is open.

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