Tools - How do I embed a Twitter feed on Blackboard

How do I embed a Twitter feed on Blackboard?

Twitter provides many benefits for the academics, such as following experts in their fields around the world to keep up with the latest information. Through twitter, students and instructors are also able to participate in live discussions through the web.

Adding a twitter feed to the Blackboard site involves a combination of few simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “My Website”, which is under the “widgets for…” tab on the right side of the screen
  3. To add a particular profile to Blackboard, select “Profile Widget”. Then search the username that you would like to add. Make sure you know the correct twitter username that you are looking for. Then click “Test settings”
  4. You can change the settings by using the “Preferences”, “Appearances”, and “Dimensions”, available on the left column of the screen.
  5. If you are happy with what you see on the preview, click on “Finish and Grab code”
  6. Copy the given code from the code box. (e.g. use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C on Windows or Command+C on a Mac, or right click and select Copy)

copy code to box

Now let’s move to the Blackboard page, first step is to paste the link to a blank page.

There are two methods to create a blank page on Blackboard.

Method #1

To create a blank page using course menu, select the “+” on the top left of the course menu and select “Create Blank Page”.

After you have clicked on the “Create Blank Page”, give your page a suitable name. This name will appear on the student’s course site. Make sure the edit mode is “on”.

create blank page

In the content area, paste the html code that you copied from the twitter page. Then click “submit”. Switch edit mode to off and then your twitter feed should appear.

Another method is to select from the content area in the course menu where you would want your twitter feed to appear.

Method #2

1. Again, make sure that the edit mode is on. From the build content option, select the blank page from the drop-down option.

build content

2. Give the blank page a name, such as “twitter feed” and click the html toggle button “<> “. Then paste the html code that you copied from the twitter webpage.

3. Click “submit” and switch the edit mode to off to view the twitter feed.

Note: The twitter feed appears best on Mozilla Firefox, we are still testing ways to see if they will work with other browsers.

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