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How do I use rubrics for enhanced grading?

What are Rubrics?

Interactive rubrics better support instructor efficiency in the grading process and convey expectations to students. A Grading Rubric is a schedule of grading benchmarks, allowing for a more consistent grading result across multiple graders and the masses of student submissions. It’s perfect for using when you have multiple GTF’s or TA graders and the goal is to maintain grading consistency.

The rubric is “clickable”, allowing for dynamic entry of feedback and ratings. When creating a rubric, instructors can choose from 4 types (percentage, point, point range, and no-point), as well as assign weights to categories. The same rubric can be assigned to multiple gradable items. Instructors can also opt to have the rubric viewable by students. Rubrics can be imported and exported for use across courses.

**Note: Rubrics are not compatible with certain tools that are not fully integrated with Blackboard, such as SafeAssignments or Voiceboards, but work well with other things like regular Assignments. You can still use a rubric with these types of assignments, and can still attach them to the grade center column that’s generated by the tool, but it will not be available for dynamic entering of points in it. If you wish to use rubrics with Safe Assign or something not fully integrated with rubrics, please come in to CMET Consulting for in person help to ensure you set it up correctly. It involves a few steps and will require some manual grade entering by you to do this.

Utilizing Rubrics within Blackboard is a three-stage process, simplified as Creating, Assigning, and Grading.

Creating a Rubric

  1. Control Panel
  2. Course Tools
  3. Rubrics – Create Rubric
  4. Enter a Title for the Rubric and an optional description
  5. Select Grading Standard
  6. Define Levels of Achievement and Grading Sections

See image below and note the items in red that help guide using the tool:





Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to create a rubric.

Assigning a Rubric

Edit desired assignment
Select Primary Grading Rubric
(Optional) Select Secondary Evaluation Rubrics

Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to assign a rubric.

Grading a Rubric

Access Grading Details via Full Grade Center or Needs Grading Menu
Open Assigned Rubric
Select radio buttons of proficiency
(Optional) Leave Feedback and Grading Notes

Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to grade a rubric.


Some other documentation on rubrics with SafeAssign: 415/cafe_website_2011/tutorial s/SafeAssign_and_Interactive_R ubrics.pdf
http://help.ramct.colostate.ed u/pdf/safeassign/AddRubricToSa feAssignment.pdf

http://discussions.blackboard. com/forums/p/51591/158451.aspx =JknMIlcFN50 ucation/docs/Using_Rubrics_in_ Blackboard2.pdf

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