Tests Surveys and Quizzes - How can I use Softchalk to create quizzes and interactive exercises for my site

How can I use SoftChalk to create quizzes and interactive exercises for my site?

Instructors may like to create custom lessons that are interactive and engaging for students which can also include embedded assessments as students view the materials. The assessments can be graded within Blackboard. Learning objects can be created with SoftChalk, an authoring program that allows the user to personalize course material. You can buy the program for use on your personal computer or access one on a computer at CMET Consulting’s office in 19 Knight Library. Blackboard has an integrative building block which allows material to be published from SoftChalk or if the instructor saves the content in a standard format, they may upload them using the Blackboard building block as well. 

There is a thorough guide on how to use the SoftChalk publishing wizard to integrate content with Blackboard. Instructors can simply save their files, zip and upload them by going to a content area, Build Content > Create SoftChalk ScoreCenter Content. Students would click on this icon to see the SoftChalk material.  The SoftChalk ScoreCenter Content and Publish tool is not available by default.

Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to make a tool available.


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