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How to Upload Text-Based Tests to Blackboard using Respondus

Instructors often will create quizzes within Blackboard for use in their classes. However, many instructors have old tests in text files that they want to reuse or test banks from text book publisher that they would like to use in their Blackboard course. Respondus is a software program you can use on your personal computer via our site license or access on a computer at CMET Consulting’ in 19 Knight Library. It allows instructors to convert various text documents into a file format that can be uploaded to Blackboard, so that instructors don’t need to recreate each question within Blackboard’s internal test creation tool.

Using Respondus to convert a text file for use in Blackboard consists of 4 major steps:

1) Change the formatting of the text file so that Respondus can read it.

Respondus can only convert text files for use in Blackboard once they have been properly formatted, so that Respondus knows what pieces of the documents are the questions, the answers, and which of the answers is correct. With longer documents this can be fairly time consuming. For more information on how to correctly format each question in the text so that Respondus can read it see pages 14-24 of the Respondus User Manual. This will be the longest and most complicated step in this process.

2) Import the text file into Respondus

Once you have converted the files to include Respondus’ labeling convention, you can import them into Respondus itself. From the start menu in Respondus select the “Import Questions” task. Select the type of file you will import (Plain Text, Microsoft Word Document, etc.). Then click browse to the right of the file name to find the file you want to convert on your own computer. Enter a name for the new document to the right of the text reading “Create a new document, named:” Click the “Preview” button to make sure that the file is formatted correctly. If you detect any errors or inconsistencies, revisit the standard formatting section of the Respondus User Guide and make sure that you followed it completely. If you have no errors, click Finish.

Import questions

setup for importing questions

 3) Export the file from Respondus

After you have loaded the file into Respondus, you can then export the file in a format that you can upload to your Blackboard course site. Start by selecting “Publish to Blackboard” in the Respondus “Publish and Preview” tab. Select “Save pool to local file for manual uploading” and then click next. Click “Save as” and then select a place on your computer where you can find the file.

start to publish to Blackboard
publishing as a pool
selecting the zipped
  4) Import the Respondus File to Blackboard

The last step is to upload the file to Blackboard and then publish it. You can do this by logging into Blackboard, going into the course you would like to upload it to, and clicking on “Course Tools” in the blue course management panel on the left side of the course site. From there, select “Tests, Surveys and Pools” from the list of items that drop down and then click on “Tests” in the page that link will take you to. Click “Import test” and then upload the file by clicking “Browse My Computer” and selecting the file you exported from Respondus. Once you have selected that file click “submit.” You should see a message saying that you were successful in uploading the file, and you can then publish the test as you would any other test that you created using the internal blackboard tools.

setting it up Blackboard
click on Import test
select file

test import complete

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