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How can I copy material from one coursesite to another?

It's a new term, and you want to use material from your old Blackboard coursesite in this term's new site. You can copy material, but you'll need to be "instructor" or "teaching assistant" in both sites.

 Important! **Please note that as a general rule you should only perform a course copy once even if you think it didn’t work the first time. If you think it did not work or it worked improperly, please contact us at or 346-1942 prior to attempting to do it again. Copying things more than once can create a lot of clean-up work that could otherwise be avoided.

Copying a whole coursesite or most of one:

  1. Go into the source (old) course site that has all of the content in it first.
  2. Once in that course, click the control panel menu item "Packages and Utilities" (bottom left corner) and select "Course Copy." 
  3. On the resulting page, use the "browse" button to find the destination (new) course site. You'll get a list of all of the courses you're an instructor for, and will be able to click to select the one you want – please note these are usually in chronological order and your new course will likely be on the very last page so you will probably need to show all or page over to the last page. Be sure that you are selecting the right year and term as this is a common mistake people make.
  4. Select the radio button associated with the correct course, then scroll and find the Submit button on that window and click Submit. 
  5. The result will be that back in the Course Copy screen you'll have the Course ID of your new (destination) course filled in.
  6. We recommend using the “Select All” button because It's almost always best to copy everything you are going to need in a single copy operation as many things are tied to other things in Blackboard that might not be obvious to you, and if one is copied over without the other, then a permanent error may exist that we may not be able to fix. For example, a quiz in a content area depends on the test canvas itself in “Tests Surveys and Pools” as well as the column in the grade center where the score is reported (copied using Grade Center columns and settings).  So all of these things would need to be selected and copied over for your test to be functional for future use. If you aren't sure, copy everything except "Enrollments" and you can later delete the things you don't want. NOTE: Announcements and Contacts can be deselected after selecting all.
  7. Remember to NOT select the Add Enrollments checkbox further down the page because this will add your old students and mix them in with the new students and can be quite time consuming to fix. So that is the exception to the “select all the checkboxes” suggestion.

Once again, If you perform a course copy but don't immediately see your changes in the destination course, don't just try the copy again, since having two of everything would be a mess.  Instead, contact CMET Consulting for assistance.

Copying individual items

If you want to copy a single item or folder: Go into the source (old) course site, and to the particular content area, perhaps Course Documents. Find the item you want to copy and on the contextual menu (the chevron next to its title) choose the "Copy" option for it. Specify the destination (course and location within the course).

You can use this procedure to copy or move items, and it can be used either for copying items to another course or for moving items within a single coursesite. Remember to select your grade center columns and settings if you used the grade center or anything that could potentially be tied to the grade center like blogs, forums, assignments, tests/quizzes etc. We usually recommend selecting all of the check boxes to ensure no errors occur if you leave something out that was tied to grade center. Under #4 however, be sure to leave Enrollments unchecked or it will copy over your former students as well.

For more details see the Blackboard Instructor's Manual in the Help section of the control panel.

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