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How do I add a tool link?

There are many advanced tools such as discussion forums, wikis, blogs and send email functions that you may wish to use in your course.  Students can find these tools by searching through the list of Blackboard tools.  However, you may wish to add a link directly to the tool that shows up on the navigation sidebar for your course in order to help students avoid having to navigate through the lengthy list of tools available under the "Tools" link.
Adding Tool
To create a new tool link,
simply look for the green icon
with a plus sign in it at the top
left side of the green navigation panel.   

tool selectionClick it and select "Create Tool Link."
Then select the tool you want to link
to from the drop down menu and
enter a name for the link.

Lastly, make sure to place a check mark next to "Available to Users" unless you don't want students to see the link and hit submit.  You can make the link available later by clicking on the two downward facing chevron icons to the right of the link and selecting "make link available to users."
make tool available



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to make a tool available.

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