Tests and Quizzes - How do I help students who have been kicked out of a Blackboard quiz

How do I help students who have been kicked out of a Blackboard quiz?

We do not recommend using force completion for non-proctored tests is because it is unnecessary and potentially creates more work for the instructor as well as stress for the students should something goes wrong.  With force completion, students must take the test in one sitting and cannot go away from the page, sit idle long enough for Blackboard to log them out, lose battery power on their computer, or have any Internet connectivity problems. This is just an example of the many ways a student could get locked out of the quiz and the instructor would then have to reset it for them after they contact the instructor.  The reason force completion is unnecessary, is because there is a different set of options that will force a student to take a test in one sitting if there is a timer component, but will allow them to resume the test if they get kicked out (which still maintaining the time limit). This option is the “Auto Submit” option.

Submitting Attempt

For example, if you set up an exam on Blackboard that needs to be completed in one hour, you could set up the timer to last for one hour, and then click on the “Yes” button under Auto Submit. Once the student begins the test, they will need to complete it in one hour. If their Internet connection is lost, their computer battery dies or any number of other things that could go wrong in this scenario, they could still get back on and continue taking the test. The timer will have continued to run during this time so assuming it took the student 10 minutes to get back online, they would have lost those 10 minutes that they could have been taking the test, but they would not be locked out completely where you, as an instructor, would need to reset their attempt. Especially in large class sizes, this is useful because it can be overwhelming and an unnecessary burden to have many students emailing you in a panic about being locked out of an exam. Of course, if the student lost Internet connectivity for longer than the time limit, their test will be automatically submitted as far as they have completed it, and you may need to allow them another chance to take it. Auto submit lessens the number of these events occurring though and alleviates stress on the student so they can resume the exam. Force completion works fine if the students are in a proctored, on campus environment, where they are connected to an Ethernet cable instead of wifi and there is less likelihood that they would have Internet connectivity problems and there is an instructor on hand who can reset the quizzes should anything go wrong.

Blackboard offers the ability to submit an incomplete quiz or test for grading in the grade center. Simply go to the Full Grade Center and look at the column for the quiz. If you move your pointer icon over the cell next to the student you are trying to help’s name in this column, then you will see an icon that looks like two downward facing chevrons. If you click on this icon and then select Attempt X/XX/XX (X’s will be replaced by the date of the attempt). You can submit the test for grading by first clicking on “Test Information” and then selecting “Submit Attempt.”

Please review this document on how you can build quizzes to avoid potential problems.


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