Blackboard Basics - What do the action bar menu items mean

What do the action bar menu items mean?

Build Content

Build content

Item: Creates a display item for text, HTML, and to attach documents.

File:  Use instead of Item if you just want to make a single file (e.g. a PDF reading assignment) available.

Course Link: This option creates a shortcut to any other modules or Content Areas of the Blackboard course site; not to be confused with the Tools Area option.

Content Folder: Creates a folder in the Content Area to manage postings. Blank Page: Creates a separate page within the Content Area that may be used for text, HTML, or uploading a file (similar to the Item option).

Create Assessment

 create assessment

Test: Deploy a test (already created from the Control Panel) for students to take.


Survey: Deploy a survey (already created from the Control Panel) for students to take.


Assignment: Create an Assignment Drop-Box for students to upload documents to be graded (not for SafeAssignments)


Self and Peer Assessment: Create an individual, group, or course assessment/review for students to take.


Create Interactive Tool

 add interactive tool

Discussion Board: Create a discussion board with multiple forums and threads.


Groups: Create divisions of students within the course to macromanage projects, communication, or interactive tools.


Sign-Up List: Build a group listing of students or allow them to sign up for events/projects which availability is limited, similar to Groups but without the interactive tools.


SafeAssignment: Create an Assignment Drop-Box that includes Safe-check system for plagiarism cross-referencing.

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