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How do I do weighted grades in Blackboard?

Weighting grades in Blackboard is a fairly common procedure, and can be quite simple once you become familiar with the process. It involves a combination of setting percentages in calculated grade columns and organizing your regular columns accordingly.Please see the help video below for an in-depth overview of weighting grades. You may have reached this page hoping to learn how to curve grades. This is a different process, and is covered in this help document.

View documentation on a clear and concise description of how weighted grades works in Blackboard.

Click here if you are curious about curving grades.

For more complex curving scenarios, the easiest approach is to download the Total column to Excel, curve there, and then upload the result to a new "Curved Total" column. Keep in mind that weighting or curving should not be used unless the weights or the expected grade distributions were previously announced in the syllabus. The grading scheme in the syllabus should be thought of as a contract, and post-hoc curving or weighting, particularly if it reduces a grade, seems like a contract violation.

Here is how to use your grading schema to curve only one grade.

First you need to edit a copy of the existing Schema. Go to the Grade Center > Manage button > Grading Schemas > create new schema or go to the chevron beside Letter and copy. Letter(2) will appear, only edit the copy "Letter(2)", you don't want the original grading to change. Please work from the left side to the right, once you change the number the associated letter grade will update. After submitting, go back to the Grade Center, go to the item you wish to curve, click on the chevron beside the title of that column > Edit Column Information > go to Primary Display, there is a drop down menu, click to select "Letter(2)" and Submit. This should curve that one grade!
To address the exact process of modifying the existing schema, please refer to this detailed document which includes screen shots.

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