Blackboard Basics - Why do I have 3 blackboard sites for the same course

Why do I have 3 blackboard sites for the same course?

If you are teaching a 4xx/5xx class, then from the Registrar's viewpoint there are actually 2 different courses -- one for grad students and one for undergrads. A few instructors like to have separate blackboard sites for their undergrads and grad students (after all, you have to have different grading policies), but most instructors prefer to combine their blackboard sites just as they combine face to face class meetings. We accommodate both types of usage by creating both separate and merged sites. Undergrads are enrolled in the 4xx site; grad students are enrolled in the 5xx sites, and both undergrads and grads are enrolled in the merged site. You can choose which ones you want to use. Your students will see ONLY the sites that you mark as "available".  Almost all instructors ignore the separate sites, and just put content into / make available the merged site.

Similarly, if you are teaching multiple CRNs during the same term and want to have the different courses meet together on line we can set up a merged coursesite for you. This might be appropriate, for instance, if you were teaching multiple sections of the same course. Send email to with the list of CRNs. We'll create a new site that merges enrollments from the separate CRNs, and that you can use instead of the individual-CRN sites.

By the way, for your own convenience you can hide from yourself the coursesites you aren't planning to use. In the "My Courses" list, click the little "gear" icon at the top.

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