Common Errors - Some students can't view their grades on blackboard

Some students can't view their grades on blackboard.

For example, suppose you had an online assignment, but one student turned it in in hardcopy, and you read it then entered the grade in the grade center spreadsheet view.  In that case, there's no attempt and no attempt grade.  The grade you entered is treated as an "override" for the assignment (after all, Blackboard has no way of knowing which attempt to associate it with...).

Any feedback entered with a grade is visible to the student when they view the grade even if a journal is no longer visible. As long as the Grade Center column for the journal is visible they can see the feedback along with their grade.

Ask your students to click on the "My UO" tab, then "My Grades" in the "Tools" area, then your class. They should be able to see their grade along with your feedback to them.

This is not a problem for ordinary gradebook columns, since in those cases there can be only a single attempt, and there is no distinction between overrides and attempt grades.

To fix this,  go to the column and the student, click on the menu icon for the grade (it looks like two upside down chevrons and is next to the score) and then "View Grade Details", then click on "Edit Grade" by the attempt and enter the score there.

You could also start by going to the Assignment and SafeAssignment columns in the grade center, go into the "View Grade Details" menu for the first student and then scroll through the students using the "<" and ">" icons next to the names looking for any grades with a red "Original grade has been overridden." by the "Current Grade Value", then click on "Edit Grade" and enter the grade at that location.

Comments in grade entries in the grade center are for instructor's eyes, but that "comments" attached to blog and journal posts can be seen by the same people who can see the main post. If faculty want students to view the assignment's critiques they should enter information in the "feedback to student" area.

You can also refer your students to this tutorial video on how to check their grades on Blackboard.

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