Personalization - I've lost my course menu All I can see is the course home page

I've lost my course menu. All I can see is the course home page.

If you visit a Blackboard site and discover that nothing looks right -- that all you see is the announcements or the "home page" for the site -- then probably what has happened is that your left column, with the main menu, has been minimized.

Look in the far left margin of the browser window, about 2" down, for a small ">" icon. Click it to restore the left column, which includes the main (green) course menu and if you're an instructor the control panel for the site.

It's a bit like a sliding window. In the normal state the window is open and you can look to see the left column in Blackboard, but you can close the window to make more space for the main part of the blackboard display (by clicking the "<" between the course menu and the page content), then reopen it as above. Blackboard remembers your setting, and uses it next time you log in.

In addition to clicking the "<" icon, there are a few other ways that you can accidentally hide your course menu. For example, if you visit the Performance Dashboard your left column will also be automatically minimized.

Also with the browser session cookie if you log out and log back in this would be another workaround to get that view back.

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