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How do I make Smart Views in the Grade Center?

First go to the “Full Grade Center” under “Grade Center” in the Control Panel. Then click the green button “Manage” and select “Smart Views.” The default Smart Views are displayed on the Smart Views main page. Click “Create Smart View.”

This opens up a new page where you will be required to enter a name for your new Smart View. You can also create an optional description. Next, you must select the type of Smart View you want to have:

  • Course Group: View one or more Course Groups.
  • Performance: View specific users based on their performance on a single item.
  • User: View individual users.
  • Category and Status: View items by their category and status.
  • Custom: Build a query based on user criteria.

After determining the type of Smart View, you must set the criteria. You can also filter results depending on what you want to be most prominent in Grade Center. Now click “Submit.”

Your Smart View should show up on the main “Smart View” page. If you want to add a certain Smart View as a favorite, just click the star under the “Add as Favorite” column. This makes the Smart View appear in the Control Panel.


Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to create smart views.


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