Course Copy - I copied a course from several years ago and now I can't delete old announcements

I copied a course from several years ago, and now I can't delete old announcements.

If the announcement was originally posted by someone (perhaps a GTF who assisted you in the course in years past) who has left the UO, the original poster's account may be disabled, which prevents anyone else from deleting the announcement.  Send email to giving the name of the course and the announcement you need deleted, and we can help you fix this.

Also, if a student is not receiving announcements it is possible for them to set rules for announcement reception for individual courses. The place to set this is obscure. At the very top of the blackboard window, click My UO. Then click "Edit Notification Settings" and the particular course. You'll probably find that there's some type of notification (probably "Announcement Available" that should have a checkbox selected for Email but doesn't.

Note: the notification settings have a column for "Mobile" but we don't currently implement notifications sent to your cell phone. Maybe some day.

Announcements by default are sent by email only to those students who have "Email" checked on that screen for that course. However, an instructor can override the setting and force email for a particular announcement to be sent to all students in the course (we don't recommend that instructors do this). Therefore it's possible that an instructor does what we recommend and respects the students' choices by not routinely forcing the announcements.



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to create announcements.


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