E-mail - I can't send email to 'all users'

I can't send email to "all users".

Instructors can send email to everyone enrolled in their site by using control panel -> Course Tools -> Send Email.



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to send email.

send email to all users

If a student uses the Send E-Mail link on the My UO page (or a Send Email link in your site if you have one), he or she will typically find the link to send mail to "all users" disabled.  We by default disable that feature since many faculty want to make it harder for the individual students to spam the whole class accidentally.

If you need to have students sending email to the class, you can also re-enable the ability of students to send email to the whole class.  You can change that setting in control panel -> Customization -> Tool Availability.  In the list of all tools, you'll see that Email has a dropdown menu (a double downarrow); click it, and select "Email settings."  Use the checkboxes to select which groups of users in your class you want your students to be able to send to. 

enable email for students

Instead of encouraging students to send email to the whole class using blackboard, consider instead setting up a blackboard discussion board forum, and having them post their information or questions there.

You may add a link to the course menu for students to access the email function. For example the Communications content area is clicked then students can access Email.


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