Assignments - I can't find the digital drop box

I can't find the digital drop box.

There was a tool called the "digital drop box" in old versions of Blackboard, but was badly broken. It was finally completely eliminated in Blackboard 9. There is an alternative tool that accomplishes the same functionality called "assignments" that is easy to use and much less buggy.

To create an assignment, first make sure that “Edit Mode” in the upper right of the screen is set to “On”.  Next, navigate to a content area of your course site, such as Course Documents.  You should see a row of green buttons across the top of the screen.  Move your mouse over the button labeled “Create Assessment” and select assignment.  The next page will allow you to enter a name and description for the assignment and allow you to set the points possible for the assignment, which will set the points possible for this assignment in the grade center.

Students then submit assignments (by entering a subject line, some text, and typically attaching a file from their hard disk).

You can view and grade individual assignments by clicking the menu for a particular student in the grade center, and or going to “Needs Grading” under “Grade Center” on the Course Management panel.

You can download attached files for all assignments using a menu in the column header in the grade center.



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to download assignments from the grade center.

Here is how students upload assignments.

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