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How do I upload files using 'Course Files' on the Control Panel?


Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) of how to upload course files and import a course package.

In Blackboard, you can upload files by going to any content area, such as Course Documents, clicking on the “Build Content” button and selecting “File”.  You can then enter a display name for the file and then select the file on your computer by clicking on the button labeled “Browse My Computer”.  You can then browse for the appropriate file and select it, as you would if you were selecting an email attachment.

A more detailed explanation is as follows:

First, check to be sure that you have the file on your hard disk.  Check to make sure that the file name will be compatible with Blackboard.  Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • The name must not start with a space.
  • The name should contain only letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens, and periods.  It's particularly important that the name not contain number signs ("#"), slashes ("/"), or question marks ("?").
  • The name should end with a file extension that correctly describes the file type.  For example, MS Word documents need to end with ".doc" (for old Word format) or ".docx" (for the current Word format). This is automatic on PCs, but sometimes on Macs you may create files without such extensions.

Next, in Blackboard, make sure you have “EDIT MODE” set to “ON” (look in the upper right of the main frame of your coursesite).

  1. Click the main menu to go to the section of your site where you want to place the file, e.g. Course Documents. (You could put information into the Course Information or Assignments pages in the same way by choosing those areas from the menu).
  2. Click the "Build Content" button at the top of the page and select “File”
  3. Give the new item a display name (this can be whatever you want and it does not need to be the same as the name of the document you upload.)
  4. If you are satisfied with the name of the document and that you’ve selected the correct file click “Submit” to finalize the upload.

uploading file

Information about file types:

Blackboard will allow you to upload any type of file, but you may want to consider converting Word .doc files, PowerPoint .ppt presentations, and the like to .pdf format to ensure your students can easily access it. Office 2007/2008 users can simply go to File>Save As and select .pdf to convert the file, but if you are using other programs then you can either use Adobe Acrobat Professional (note that this is not the free version Adobe Reader) or the free “PDFCreator” program available here.  While these methods allow you to create a file that is much easier to view for students it will not contain dynamic content like streaming audio or video.

If you want to put a set of related HTML documents (that reference each other using relative links) in your coursesite, you'll usually package them as a ZIP archive, then follow the instructions above, but will select a special action of "Unpackage these files".

Also, pay attention to file sizes.  A 100 MB video will download in a minute or two over any high speed Internet connection, but a 1 GB video will take a long time even on campus, so it's best to stream videos over 10 minutes. Please visit CMET Consulting for information about streaming options.

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