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How do I set up a survey? How do I view the results?

Creating a survey is a two-step process: you first create the survey with the “Tests, Surveys, and Pools” tool, and then you deploy it with the “Create Assessment” button in a content area, such as “Course Documents”.  

To create a survey you use click on the “Tests, Surveys, and Pools” link under “Course Tools” in the blue Course Management panel on the left side of the page.  You can use this same screen to view and manage the all of the surveys you've written.  Once you have created a survey, deploy it (creating a link to it in a content area), and post an announcement telling your students they should fill it out.

Deployment is done by going into the content section where you want the link (e.g. Assignments or Course Documents), and selecting Create Assessment -> Survey from the button bar at the top of the window.

You'll see in the grade center that there's a column with checkmarks indicating which students have completed the survey.  However, the survey data is anonymous and you won't have any match students with their responses. To see the responses go to back to the “Tests, Surveys and Pools” link under Course Tools. Alternatively, you can view the results in the Grade Center by locating the column for the survey (it will have the same name you gave the survey) and clicking on the menu icon for the column (it looks like two upside down chevrons and is located next to the column name) and choose either "Attempts Statistics" to view the results in your browser or "Download Results" to download them into an Excel spreadsheet.

When creating Pools visit CMET Consulting for individualized support.



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on how to reuse and locate information by tagging survey questions with meta data.

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