Blackboard Basics - How do I put HTML into my blackboard site

How do I put HTML into my blackboard site?

Several possibilities:

If you want to just include a bit of markup in the text of an item in a folder, you can type the HTML codes into the box in the page editor.  In the visual textbox editor, click the "<>" button (toggle HTML source mode") and start typing HTML. That's good only for very simple things like boldface, and you have to be careful not to foul up the page (e.g. by having a begin tag but no end tag).

add HTML to Blackboard

add HTML 2

add HTMLMore commonly, you'll want to have a complete page that you've written in HTML included in your coursesite, linked from an entry in a folder. Perhaps you created the file using an HTML editor, or used "save as HTML" from Microsoft Word. So now you have a file on your hard disk called something.html. Upload it to an item using the "attach file" feature.

word to HTML office 2003

word to HTML office 2007

word 2 HTML office 2007


Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) of how to upload course files and import a course package.

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