Blackboard Basics - How do I put a PowerPoint presentation on my coursesite

How do I put a PowerPoint presentation on my coursesite?

You have several options for uploading PowerPoint files to Blackboard.  The simplest method is to simply upload the PowerPoint file as a file attachment.  However, many students may not have PowerPoint or an equivalent program, so some instructors find it easier to convert their PowerPoint slides to .pdf before uploading.

Option 1  - Uploading PowerPoint files

For most instructors, the easiest approach is to upload the PowerPoint presentation directly to your coursesite as a file attachment. Follow the instructions in "How do I upload files?" to upload the something.ppt file. Note that students will need to have PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer installed on their computers (see below). If you're a Mac user, make sure that the name of the file follows PC naming conventions -- no spaces or special characters, and end with ".ppt" or ".pptx". Don't use this approach, though, if your presentation contains video.

Displaying PowerPoint files can present challenges to some students, since not quite all students have Microsoft Office. Mac users without Office may have Apple Keynote, which displays most PowerPoint files well. The ones who don't have either MS Office or Keynote can go to a campus computer lab to view a PowerPoint file. Technically literate students may have other free options (such as OpenOffice) as well.

Some PowerPoint files are very large. If your file is more than 100MB then it will take a very long time to download, possibly as much as 10 minutes. You can shorten your, and your student’s, waiting time by compressing the large presentations before you upload them.

Option 2 – Converting to .pdf before uploading to Blackboard

A second approach would be to create a printable PDF version of your presentation and upload that to your coursesite.  PowerPoint 2007/2008 users can simply go to File>Save As and select .pdf to convert the file.  If you are using an older version of PowerPoint you can either use Adobe Acrobat Professional (note that this is not the free version Adobe Reader) or the free “PDFCreator” program available on DuckWare. While this option creates a file that is much easier to view for students it will not contain dynamic content like streaming audio or video.



Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) of how to upload course files.


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