Enrollment - Can guests view my Blackboard site

Can guests view my Blackboard site?

There are three broad types of guests:

  1. people with no connection with the UO who are visiting and want to view your site
  2. UO people with blackboard accounts who are not enrolled in your site
  3. UO people with blackboard accounts to whom you have given "guest" access (instead of "student")

Due to our policy we do not currently allow non-UO people (type 1 above) to log in or view UO Blackboard sites.

An instructor can allow limited guest access (types 2 and 3) to a site. They can only visit your coursesite if you have enabled guest access in control panel > Customization > Guest and Observer Access. If you do, then anyone with a blackboard account can find your site using the Courses tab. In addition, people logged in to blackboard who have "guest" enrollment in your site will see the coursesite listed in the "My Courses" listing, and can use it to get to your site bypassing the Courses tab. 

Once in your site, they will only be able to view portions of your site. For most sites guests can see Announcements, Course Information, and Staff Information. They are never allowed to see any of the portions of the site which contain private student information (e.g. discussion board, course roster, or grade center). You can disable any guest access, or can enable guest access to other content sections of the site such as Course Documents. If you go to the double down chevron beside a content area, you can click on that and a drop down option opens to "Permit Guest".

Permit Guest

Select Yes in the Allow Observers: field to allow Observers to access the course. An Observer can be assigned by the System Administrator and their role is to observe a specific user. Observers may be allowed to access information in Content Areas; they may not access Assessments or Assignments. If these items appear in a Content Area, the Observer will not be able to view them. 

 If you have a colleague or advisee who you would like to have access to your site, then rather than enrolling as a "guest" you'll probably find it easier to enroll him or her as a "student." Alternatively, you can enroll the person as a "course builder", giving the ability to change your content areas but not to view student information such as the grade center.


Watch a tour (from Blackboard Inc.) on controlling guest and observer access to your course: http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_course_environment_permit...">http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_course_environment_permit...

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