Enrollment - How do I enroll students in my online course

How do I enroll students in my online course?

Students who appear on the Registrar's class list will automatically get Blackboard accounts and be enrolled in (i.e. have access to) your coursesite. Students who drop or withdraw from the course will be removed from the list. You can also add students to your coursesite, but you can't create accounts for non-UO people. Note, however, that the UO discourages unofficial auditors in courses, so you should only enroll a student in your coursesite if there is a legitimate educational reason -- typically a situation where enrolling the "auditor" benefits the other students in the course or where the auditor's participation is fulfilling requirements for a different UO course.

You can use the same procedure to add course support staff such as GTFs, in which case you'll want to give them appropriate roles in the course, e.g. "teaching assistant."

To add a student to your coursesite:

1.In the “Course Management” panel (the blue menu on the lower left part of the page) click Users and Groups. This will drop down a short list of options. Click the link that says “Users” > THEN ->
2.On that page, click the green "Find Users to Enroll" button.
3.On the resulting "Add Enrollments" page, enter the username of the person you want to add, and in the pull-down menu choose the appropriate role
4.Click Submit.

In the rare situation where a student has dropped a course in DuckWeb and then later re-enrolls, the system will not automatically re-enroll the student, nor can the instructor manually add the student back into the course. Instead, instructors must contact blackboard@ithelp.uoregon.edu with the CRN for the course and the username for the student, so that a system administrator can re-enroll the student in your Blackboard course.

See also "How do I add my GTF to my coursesite?"

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