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How do I drop the lowest grade in a set?

Put all of the items in the set into a grade category. For example, if there are 5 in-class quizzes, create a category "quizzes" (using Manage > Categories) and assign the 5 grade center columns to that category. If you've already created the columns, you can add them to the category using "Edit Column Information" on the menu in the column header.

drop lowest set 1

dropping lowest 2

drop lowest 3

Now create a calculated column, either a weighted or normal total. 

drop lowest 4

For a normal total, choose Include in Total: Selected Columns and Categories. 

Then, for either type of calculated column, instead of adding the individual columns for the quizzes, add the category "quizzes". You'll see an option to drop the lowest n grades.

drop lowest 5

It's usually much simpler if your quizzes are all equally weighted and have the same points possible.

If you are calculating a running total then Blackboard will still drop low grades, which may not be what you expected.  Suppose you have 5 quizzes, are dropping one, and have a student who didn't complete 3 of them but got 70% and 90% on the two that he did, then his total will drop the 70% and he'll have a running total of 90%.  

drop lowest 6

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