Assignments - How do I grade online homework submissions using my rubric?

How do I grade online homework submissions using my rubric?

1. Go to Grade Center -> Full Grade Center

2. Find the assignment column you want to grade and next to the name of the assignment in the header area, hover your mouse until you see the gray edit arrow. Click the arrow and select “Grade Attempts”.

3. This will open the first student’s assignment submission and, if it’s in the correct format, it should open within the window so you can scroll and check it right there on Blackboard without downloading anything to your computer. On the right side, are the rubric and grading options. You have to click the tiny arrow to open the rubric and feedback area, which you will use to grade their assignment:

Which will make it then look like this:

5. Click on the red (example) “EXTERNAL BRAIN GRADING” link to pull up the Rubric for grading the student’s submission. You can click the buttons for “Show Descriptions” and “Show Feedback” to get a more detailed view of the rubric and leave specific feedback for each section if you want. Click on the button that has the appropriate points for each category of the rubric. This will populate the student’s score in the grade area. This is also where you can write overall feedback to the student about why points were deducted or suggestions on how to improve their next assignment. You do not need to leave feedback in the other feedback area. If you do, they will see both, so it’s best to just write the feedback within the rubric tool.

6. The grade submitting is a TWO-part process. When you are done grading the assignment, click “Save Rubric”. This will show the score attempt and the extra blank feedback box (again, just ignore that one because you wrote the feedback in the rubric area). Click Submit when you are finished and the next student’s assignment will automatically open.

Continue grading the same way for each student. If a student in your group didn’t turn in an assignement for that day, you should give them a zero in the Grade Center to reflect that, rather than leaving the two dashes in its place. This way, if a student thinks they turned it in, they can dispute it right away. The following page has tips and FAQs about online grading.

Tips for using the tool and FAQ’s:

What if I make a mistake, forget to put feedback, or want to go back to a student’s assignment to re-grade it later after I saved it?

To do this, go to the Full Grade Center. In there, scroll to locate the appropriate assignment and the corresponding student you wish to re-grade and hover your mouse in the appropriate cell until you see the little gray edit arrow. Click on the arrow and then select “Attempt”. This should take you back to the grading area where you can re-grade or check the submission again.

What if I don’t want to grade this student’s paper right now and I want to skip to the person’s submission?

You can do that by clicking the little sideways pointing arrow next to the student’s name when you are in the grading view. You can do this to go backwards too:

What if I want to download the file to my computer because I find it easier to grade that way or I want to check something, or perhaps the file isn’t opening properly in the viewer?

To download the file to your computer, look for the little down pointing arrow next to the file attachment name on the right side in the grading area and click it to download the file.

Can I manually override a grade? For example, if I want to give them 12.5 instead of 12 or 13, but the rubric only allows whole numbers?

Yes, you can manually override the grade either in the Needs Grading area while you are grading it by simply typing the grade directly into the “Attempt” box or by typing it into the Assignments area in the Grade Center in the appropriate column for the student. Likewise, if a student in your list of students didn’t turn in an assignment, you should give them a zero in the full grade center to reflect that. The two dashes mean they are exempt from the assignment and they won’t see any score or assignment reflected on their end if a grade isn’t entered there.

I see a yellow exclamation mark icon in the Full Grade Center. What does it mean?

It means the assignment was turned in and you need to grade it in the Needs Grading area (assuming this was an assignment that counts toward the grade). That is the “Needs Grading” icon. It means you haven’t graded it, but it has been submitted by the student. If the assignment doesn’t count toward the grade, and we end up not grading some assignments, then the icon will just stay there, as will the assignment in the needs grading area of grade center unfortunately. This is why you must filter by assignment each time to get rid of any extraneous assignments in the way.

My scroll bar in the grade center seems to be missing and I’m on a Mac computer. OR, some columns seem to be missing in the full grade center (because I cannot scroll all the way to the right to see them all)

This is a computer settings issue. To get a scroll bar to appear on your mac, go to the little Apple icon in the very upper left corner and click it. Click “System Preferences” then click the “General” icon (the first one on the list). Under the “Show Scroll Bars” area, change it to “Always” and then close that and refresh grade center. Your scroll bar should now be there.

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