Enrollment - What should I do if an OSU grad student wants to take my UO course under the Joint Campus program

What's involved for the professor if an OSU grad student wants to take my UO course under the "Joint Campus" program?

Every term a half dozen or so grad students from other OUS institutions attend UO graduate courses through the OUS "Joint Campus" program.   Given the very small numbers, the administrative mechanisms aren't well developed, and it requires some work on the professor's part.  The root of the complexity is that the UO does not consider these students to be enrolled in your UO course -- they are actually enrolled in an Oregon State (or whatever) course whose course requirements include participating in your course.  This in turn creates potential problems since many UO online resources are available only to students actually enrolled in your course.  It may also create miscellaneous problems with access to non-technology resources, since the students typically do not have UO ID cards and don't pay the various student fees that give them access to services UO students expect.

At the beginning of the term

The student will not appear on your official class list.  Usually the first you'll hear about it is the student contacting you directly.

First, and most important, the student needs to get a UO numeric ID number (a 95x number) and PAC assigned.  They do this by filling out a CEP Eligibility form (available online at https://duckweb.uoregon.edu/pls/prod/hwsksued.P_DispAppCommunity).  This is normally done a few weeks before the start of the term, but if you have an OSU student who shows up on the first day of class without a student ID number and PAC the student may be able to hand-carry the form to the Registrar's office and get them to create the general student record on the spot.

Once the student has an ID number and PAC, he or she should wait about 1/2 day then can go to https://duckid.uoregon.edu and claim a Duck ID.  If the student has problems with this step, you may need to contact the Information Services account clerk at 541-346-HELP.  Note that Information Services may enable the Duck ID for only some of the computing resources the student needs (typically blackboard, uowireless, and UO email). After the student has claimed a Duck ID, it will take another 1/2 day before Blackboard knows about the new ID.

Next, you need to manually enter the student in your blackboard coursesite, using control panel > Users & Groups > Users > Enroll User.

If you run into problems giving the student blackboard access, file a Blackboard trouble ticket, and provide the name of the student, the CRN, and the Duck ID and numeric student ID number.

These students normally have reciprocal library borrowing privileges (typically comparable to the privileges a UO undergraduate would have) and access to the UO library buildings, but not remote access to UO library online databases.  If they don't have adequate library access through their home institutions you can contact the UO library to make special arrangements.

During the term

Be alert to reports from these students that something isn't working right.  For example, if you send email to everyone in the class using blackboard, the email will always go to the person's UO email address, not their foreign address, and they might not get it.  We can usually help you resolve this on a case by case basis.

Occasionally, an automated process at the UO notices that there is something strange about these UO IDs and disables them.  If the student reports problems, we'll investigate.

At the end of the term

Since these students aren't in the Banner system as registered for your course, you can't file grades for them and they can't check their grades or file course evaluations through Banner.

As of December 2009, UO instructors can file grades for OSU students taking their courses by sending them to Amy Flint in the OSU Registrar's Office.  The students can then obtain their grades through OSU.  Any procedures for handling incompletes or grade challenges are those of the remote institution, not UO.

There appears to be no way for these joint campus students to file an official course evaluation at UO, but they may be asked to file such an evaluation at the remote institution.  If you want them to evaluate your course, ask them directly.

The student's Duck ID will normally enabled for only the particular term except under special circumstances. 

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